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For skin that’s smoother, tighter, brighter, and glowing.

It seems like almost every other day there’s another skincare tool or gadget that’s being touted as the thing you absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt need to add to your routine.

But what do you believe? There’s so much choice and so much noise out there, and when budgets are limited and you’ve only got the one face, how do you figure out which tools are worth the time, effort, and hard-earned cash?

It’s hard to wade through it all, so we’re here to help.

These are some of our favourite skin tools that can help leave skin smoother, tighter, brighter, and glowing.

Gua sha

You may not know the name (pronounced gwa-sha), but you have almost definitely seen these flat, heart-shaped tools around. Usually made from rose quartz or jade crystal, gua sha tools have been around for centuries in Chinese culture for medicinal reasons, but only really hit the mainstream (and the beauty industry) in the last few years.

So, what’s the deal with it? While it has many benefits beyond just what it can do for your skin, the massage tool works to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Used with either short or long strokes in upward and outward motions, the scraping movement can help reduce puffiness and inflammation, and with continued use even give a lifting effect.

The key is to use the right technique, and to couple your gua sha massage session with a nourishing facial oil (this will help it glide across your skin better, and is great for improving skin hydration). If you’re not quite sure how to use your gua sha tool, there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials that cover every shape of gua sha imaginable.



The thought of rolling multiple tiny needles across your face seems like the last thing you’d want to do. But here’s the thing: when used correctly, microneedling tools (also known as skin needling tools, derma rollers, or derma needling tools) can really work wonders to improve skin firmness and elasticity, help heal acne scars, and leave skin softer and smoother.

Here’s why - those tiny needles (which don’t actually puncture the skin enough to make you bleed), actually stimulate a healing and rejuvenating response, and that helps increase cell turnover. Those little punctures also help create pathways for your skincare products to reach into the deeper layers of your skin, and work harder to deliver results.

To hear more on how microneedling works and all the benefits, hit play on the below episode of That Beauty Podcast:

And if you’re ready to get into microneedling, we recommend the GloPRO® Facial Microneedling Regeneration Tool - this kit has everything you need to get started on your needling journey!


The science behind LED and light therapy is incredibly impressive. While it may not feel like more than warmth on your skin, regular use of red and blue light therapy can help stimulate collagen proteins, help skin look smoother and plumper, reduce scars and uneven skin tone, and help fight things like acne and breakouts. Historically you have only been able to get effective LED treatments in salons or clinics, but more and more, we’re seeing at-home LED devices that can help achieve the same results. Granted, the at-home devices aren’t as powerful as the professional treatments, and you’d have to work harder and be more committed to achieve real results, the science is still there.

And in case you’re wondering if at-home LED devices actually work, we got the lowdown from award-winning dermatologist Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan on a recent episode of That Beauty Podcast. You can tune into our chat below:

Try Sochy Skin 3-in-1 Led Light Therapy if you’d like to spot-treat areas, or Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro for an all-over treatment (if that price point is a little too high for you, try Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask)

Silicone cleansers

We get it, this one seems like a waste. Why would you need help washing your face when you have your hands to do the hard work for you? Your hands do a good job, but using a brush with tiny silicone bristles that gently vibrate does a great job. These cleansing devices can give skin a much deeper clean (without stripping skin or leaving your face feeling like it’s been through the ringer), and a deeper clean means less of a chance of congestion, breakouts and dullness.

And if you’re wondering why silicone - the material is super hygienic as it won’t have bacteria building up and it’s incredibly gentle for all skin types.

WORDS | Carli Alman, Co-host That Beauty Podcast @thatbeautypodcast