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4 Social Media Predictions for 2024

The landscape of social media is ever-changing and continues to be the driving force behind everything we do here at TLSE. As we enter 2024, let's take a look at some emerging trends and how they continue to shape how we connect, communicate and engage in the digital world.

In 2024 our focus remains on cultivating authenticity with our brands, fostering connections and embracing technological advances that enhance our brand experience. It is going to be a year of meaningful interactions, purpose-driven engagement and an evolution of how brands connect.

1. Keeping it real: Rise of Authentic Content

This year, we expect to see a rise in authenticity across social media platforms. Social media users are leaning towards genuine connections in a digital world filled with "fake" content. Authenticity is not just a passing trend, it is becoming a significant way to build brand trust and user reliability.

Coming from a need for human connection in a digital world, users are seeking genuine connections in 2024. Amidst the abundance of curated content and polished influencers, people want authentic content that reflects raw emotions, relatable moments and honest reviews.

2. Video content continues to dominate

Everyone is guilty of loving reels, in the realm of social media video content continues to remain at the forefront and is anticipated to continue growing in 2024. We recognise that short-form video platforms will continue to flourish, however, a big shift is coming towards the appreciation of longer-style video content.

We are seeing the shift to people enjoying the art of in-depth storytelling and comprehensive narratives. Long-form video is set to gain attention, catering to audiences that are seeking more substantial and immersive experiences. Live streaming is also expected to increase in popularity, providing a unique avenue for real-time interaction and brand engagement.

3. Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse

Lets talk about the buzz around the metaverse, set to explode into something pretty cool in 2024.

The Metaverse is about to take social media by storm next year, the easiest way to understand how is through imagining your Instagram, Facebook and social platforms levelling up into dynamic virtual hubs, transforming into digital wonderlands where you can connect, interact and explore with your friends all from your device.

Essentially, it is a digital hangout spot, where communities will gather, connect and create new experiences that transcend the traditional social media experience. Out with the traditional form of consuming social media as we step into uncharted digital territories. We are ready to navigate these immersive spaces that will redefine how we socialise.

4. Why Meaning Matters in 2024

Off the back of authentic content, we think it ties in perfectly with creating real meaning behind the brands we love! In the wild world of social media, people are looking past the pretty rainbows and flowers and wanting to create a connection and a strong purpose. Next year we predict brands stepping up and standing for causes that matter. We're all here for it! Because when brands get real about the things they care about, the connections get stronger and deeper. So 2024 is about creating brands with a heart, a heart that beats for things people care about and matter most.

At TLSE we are ready for 2024! Excitement levels are ready for what this year holds, we are anticipating it filled with creativity, authenticity and making meaningful connections. If you are needing some help with your socials and your unsure where to start, let' get in touch and craft a strategy tailored to your brand. Reach out today for a consultation, click the link below



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