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Have you ever clicked onto page 2 of Google and thought to yourself, ‘wow, I really am desperate’? We're right there with you.

Despite having trillions (literally) of results at the touch of our fingertips - when it gets down to it, most of our searches start and end with the first page of results. This might not exactly sound ground breaking at first, but if you think about it - that means that if your business isn't in the top 10 searches for a keyword, you're essentially invisible.

Creating a stellar website and slick social profile is an important step to online success, but those efforts will mean little to nothing if no one can find them. While having relevant and engaging content is a must, being able to find it is an equally vital component.

But don't fear, we’ve got your (virtual) backs. You can easily improve your SEO by getting to know the system. Search engines like Google (or Bing - never. forget. Bing!) use hundreds of factors to determine the ranking of a website - so we’ve included some of the most important below to jumpstart your SEO.

1. Good content makes a search engine tick

The first way to start improving your SEO is by simply understanding what the algorithm is looking for. Google’s business model relies on providing users with the best content possible - which is essentially the most relevant answer to any given question.

So, the first thing to think about when it comes to improving your SEO is making sure you are writing quality content for real humans. Here, the importance of lexical choice and phrasing that will resonate with your target audience is integral to communicating to search engines what your content is about, ultimately making your brand more visible.

2. Make friends with the Google algorithm

Second, a good website architecture is absolutely key to making Google like you. Fast loading times, correctly sized images, and a mobile-friendly design will improve user experience when it comes to your website, and improve your ranking.

Images can be a real killer here, so be wary. Large images can take forever to load, causing frustration for the user - and for our old mate Google. It’s worth taking the time to ensure your navigation is clear and images are not oversized when you place them on your page.

3. Get to know your keywords

Keywords are all about using unique, competitive terms that are relevant to your content, and are ultimately designed to help the right people find you.

A helpful thing to consider is what purpose you are writing your article for. It could be providing a solution, hailing a new product, or analysing a news story - whatever you think your customer will type into Google when they're looking for someone just like you.

Once you’ve figured out your key terms, it’s time to roll them out whenever you can. The more that the keywords are present in your content, the more Google’s algorithms will notice you and bump you up the right page.

4. Talk to Google

This is where the tech comes in, but bear with us. Essentially, you’re telling the search engine that you exist and that it needs to have you in its digital dictionary. To make sure you’re staying on top, it’s a good idea to sign up to Google My Business AND Google Search Console. What better way to make sure you're ranking for your keywords than by communicating directly with the search engines themselves?

5. Stay relevant

What will people be Googling in 2021? It could be anything from when to ditch your skinny jeans, or what Joe Biden’s policies are, all the way to downloading Tik Tok songs.

If you want people to be finding you through search engines, make sure you consider what they’ll be searching for most. Try to create content that is relevant to the needs of your audience in 2021 to stay at the top of their minds (and more importantly at the top of that search bar). Attempt to post consistently too, as Google rewards regular content.

Well, friends, we hope these tips will help you navigate the jungle that is SEO, and maybe feel a little less intimidated to venture in. If you’re still feeling a little lost, please get in touch with us! Whether you're in need of some business advice, help kickstarting your next campaign or even just looking to have a chat - we're here to help you out.

You can check out our services here or contact us here to get in touch.


WORDS | Hannah Steele



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