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It's no secret that branding is über important when it comes establishing a business' reputation - but have you ever wondered what it is exactly that makes a brand so recognisable?

While there is certainly A LOT more to branding than a simple logo - it does happen to be the consumer's first visual interaction with a brand. Think of a logo the same way you would think about a person's appearance - you see the way they physically present themselves before you learn anything about them. When it comes to branding, it often can be a case of 'judging a book by its cover' - so, you want to make sure that cover is refined, aesthetic and most importantly relevant to your brand.

When it comes to brand recognition, a logo sits at the crux. When you think of brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Cadbury, Google (the list goes on) - the first thing that appears in your head is a little image - the logo - and before you know it, every time you see that dark shade of purple, that bright red, or even that rainbow 'G', you're thinking of a brand based off of its logo. When creating your brand logo, you should try to envision the ways in which you want your logo to encapsulate the qualities of your brand physically - but that's not always easy - and sometimes, you need a helping hand in doing so (that's where we come in).

When creating a logo, there's several key elements that will guide the process - a major one being colour. Here at TLSE, we create and use mood boards to help the client conceptualise the design they are imagining, and bring their vision to life. A mood board is a great reference point, as well as a useful way to form inspiration - bringing you closer to what you do (and don't) want your logo to resemble. This can range from colours, to typography, to shapes - the list goes on - and not only is it a good anchoring tool, it's an easy way to clearly identify what ideas work visually together.

Let there be no confusion that a great logo will lead to the success of your business - it won't. The same way a good pair of trainers won't make you a fast runner, a great logo won't propel your brand toward the top. BUT, it can enhance your performance, and help you look the part while doing it.

We sat down with our very own (and very talented) Art Director and Designer here at TLSE, Xanthe, to pick her brain about the logo design process. So, keep reading to discover all things current trends, and all the way to Xanthe's own mantra when it comes to web design.

[TLSE] What are the current trends in graphic design right now?

[Xanthe] We're still finding geometric shapes everywhere. This ties in with an emphasis on bold contrast - with shape, colour and type.

On the other hand, there are a lot of graphics and branding leaning towards organic, muted and natural colours and shapes. This trend in turn reflects the values of sustainability - ethical and natural - that many brands are aligning with in the modern day.

Serif fonts have made their way back after a long dominance of sans serif type - the classic serif is returning in considered applications.

What's the hardest thing about designing a logo?

The logo is more than a font or shape that looks pretty as a face of a brand/business. It needs to encapsulate the brand values, voice and personality, and be able to act as a good first impression for the brand.

It really is what the customer sees first, so it needs to be attractive to the target market. It can also act as the binding board for a branding system around the brand - a strong concept and strategy drives the best logos.

What's your mantra when design a logo? “Form and function should be one - joined in a spiritual union” - Frank Lloyd Wright

Which trends are here to stay, and which ones aren’t?

Varied typography - hierarchy in type and white space will never go anywhere - they have always been and will always be here to stay.

Digital design is a not-so-new trend anymore, but it is becoming the must for all designers. In logo design, digital trends make us consider how can the logo can move, act and be interacted with.

Print - a design medium that (I hope) isn’t going anywhere - print is not dead! I hope that it it will become more and more interesting as the world turns more digital - a form of escape.

What’s your favourite logo that you’ve ever designed?

Madi (our new graphic designer in the team) has a new logo in the works for an exciting new client. Think - a play on white space, elegant and sophisticated - with the aim to attract high-end brands. The colour palette is raw and organic, which ties in with the trend of natural neutrals, but in this case it will more centred toward bold and striking.

So, whether you're looking to develop your logo or thinking about revising your current one - it definitely shouldn't be a rushed job. If you're in need of a helping hand, or simply a second opinion - get in touch and let us help you conceptualise the way you want your brand to be seen by the world.


WORDS | Xanthe Bennett, Britt Ross

IMAGES | Pinterest, TLSE



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