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If an adventure is what you're looking for this year, then look no further than Ecruising, who are offering an Asian adventure. Get onboard with their 18-night Seoul Stopover: Southern Islands Explorer voyage, including a free 3-night Seoul stopover this coming October!

Experience the beauty of Asia in all it's glory as you travel through Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with an added 3-night stopover in Seoul.

Your journey commences with two nights exploring tremendous Tokyo. There will plenty to take in, from the beauty of the Meiji Shrine to the gorgeous Ginza district and Tokyo Tower.

Juxtapositions are everywhere with houses made of wood and paper that sit beside looming steel skyscrapers, whilst women wrapped in colourful kimonos meander and weave through teenagers that have created their own take on fashion.

Immerse yourself in one of Asia's most interesting of cities and it's eleven million residents. Enjoy a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony or tantalise your tastebuds at some of Tokyo’s world class restaurants.

The next part of your experience will see you boarding the Diamond Princess for a thirteen night cruise.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities along the way as you discover some breathtaking sites, including Busan, South Korea with it's beautiful beaches; mountains and temples; the natural harbour in Japan’s Nagasaki; and the islands of Okinawa and Ishigaki, boasting beautiful coral reefs where you can snorkel, dive and even surf.

A 3-night stopover in Seoul, staying at the serene Plaza Hotel, is next where you can wonder at the cultural heritage of South Korea. The Gyeongbokgung Palace, surrounded by exquisite scenery is a must see and a wander through the back roads of the Gwangjang Market, home to Seoul’s busiest food alley should also be on your list!

Wherever you choose to roam, you're sure to find a place that feels like home on this exciting escapade!


For more information about this itinerary or ecruising generally please click here.

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Curated by Jodie Wolf, TLSE



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