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Australian Mangoes Delivers Summer Sunshine

With a third of Aussie workers stuck inside, Australian Mangoes celebrates the start of summer by delivering trays of mangoes with Bondi Rescue star Harrison Reid

Experts are predicting one of the hottest summers on record, but for more than a third of Aussies, the summer season will be spent stuck indoors working, spending up to 8 hours behind a desk.

As a nation of people who famously love the great outdoors, it should come as no surprise that 1 in 2 Australians wish they could chuck a sickie to avoid being cooped up inside on a summer’s day, with over a third of these dreaming of a day at the beach. ( We feel you )

Instead, Aussie workers DO try to finish up early to make the most of the sunshine after work or opt to work from home so they can get outside at lunchtime for an extended break or do their work in the garden or park to catch some extra rays its the way forward, and something we live by at TLSE.

Australian Mangoes to the rescue, bringing the outdoors inside and delivering sunshine to doorsteps across the country in the form of the much-loved Aussie Mango, um yes please...

Australian Mangoes teamed up with Bondi Rescue’s Harrison Reid and mango farmer David Groves to celebrate the first day of summer, delivering boxes of Australian mangoes to workers stuck inside, to brighten up their day.

No stranger to being outdoors and enjoying warm weather, Harrison knows a thing or two about what makes an Aussie summer great, including indulging in a deliciously ripe mango.

Harrison Reid, Bondi Rescue lifeguard, said: “My job as a lifeguard patrolling one of the most iconic beaches in the world stems from a deep love of summer and a childhood spent outdoors running amok. Growing up, no summer’s day was ever complete until I had a mango in hand. I’m so excited to join Australian Mangoes in delivering just a taste of what makes summer…summer!”

With the majority of Australians also agreeing that mangoes are an essential Aussie summer fruit and the consensus being mangoes are the most iconic fruit for an Australian summer, there is no tastier start to the season there’s no better way to enjoy a taste of summer.

To deliver sunshine to Aussies stuck indoors this summer, Australian Mangoes is giving away 20 trays of mangoes.

Know someone who needs some sunshine delivered to them?

Head to @harrisonsreid’s Instagram to find out more.



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