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Presenting in increasingly innovative ways, recycling transpires through many facets in our day-to- day life and is just one element of living and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. There has never been a more important time to be environmentally conscious of the way our daily activities impact on this Earthly plane.

Living sustainably is now all encompassing; it is an increasingly more accessible way of living, whereby the little shifts in our behaviours really do add up to make a sizeable difference. From taking your eco or reusable bag when shopping in a move to avoid plastic, to adopting a more conscious way of eating, perhaps going meat-free either on Monday’s or every other day to alleviate some of the agricultural pressure we’re placing on this planet; every decision really does count.   Living sustainably simply comes down to the choices we make, and the brands we choose to engage with and support on a daily basis in doing so. 

Recycling is the easiest and least complicated place to start in being eco-friendly and sustainable,  and this week (Nov 13-19th) it’s Australia’s National Recycling Week (NRW). There is no better time to be aware and put what you know into practice. 

Introduced over 22 years ago, the NRW campaign was established to initiate behavioural change in Australians regarding the recycling of both small and large scale goods. Now over two decades later, the recycling message is louder and clearer than it ever has been before, with consumers exerting their purchasing power by aligning with brands that have a social and sustainable conscience. Consumers (that’s us), are more knowledgeable than we ever have been, and want answers when it comes to the goods that we purchase; this means knowing how that good is made, and how it is disposed of. 

Take one of our favourite brands, Nespresso, for example. Aside from the fact that George Clooney is the face of it,  there are a few things you may not know about this multi-national company until you delve a little deeper. Sustainability lies at the core of who they are and how they operate, from the way their beans are ethically harvested, through to the design of their capsules, the importance of which we can so easily forgo in our morning coffee haze as we push a capsule down and wait for that sweet elixir to run through. Made from aluminium, all Nespresso capsules are infinitely recyclable. Yes, infinitely.  Which means forever.

Nespresso capsules are being recycled into drink cans, bicycles and even computers.  The sky really is the limit.  It suddenly becomes so easy to understand how product and packaging design can play key roles in helping us, helping you, to live a sustainable life that’s a little bit easier to manage, all stemming from a simple choice like how we engage and interact with the process of making our morning coffee.

It doesn't end there with Nespresso. Rather, it’s just the start. The aluminium in their capsules - the very capsules you have in your kitchen ( if you don’t have them, go get them ! ) - has already been recycled, once, twice, maybe five times, perhaps twenty. In opting for aluminium over alternate components, the Nespresso capsules are a perfect example of good design - where not only is the product functional and aesthetically streamlined (for the aluminium provides protection to the grind against oxygen, light and humidity, all of which can affect the taste of your daily cuppa - now wouldn't that be a bad start to the day), they are also sustainable right through to their end of life disposal methods.

With Nespresso machines commonplace amongst home and office kitchens (including TLSE HQ), that’s a decent amount of capsules nationwide that are being used everyday. In light of this week being one to campaign for recycling, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to remind you of the ways in which you can recycle your used capsules. 

There are currently four ways to recycle used aluminium Nespresso capsules:

1. Post your satchel of used capsules back to Nespressousing a special Australian Post satchel (available from your local Nespresso)

2. Return your used aluminium capsules to your closest Nespresso Boutique

3. Drop them off at a participating collection point.

Did you know that Nespresso has engaged with participating florists nationwide ?  You can find your closest recycling collection point here, and grab a bunch of flowers whilst you’re at it. 

4. Participate in one of their bulk recycling collection initiatives, where workplaces or community locations can become a recycling collection point

At the end of the day, opting to live a more sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be hard; again, it comes down to the little choices that we make. Recycling doesn't have to be a chore; and increasingly, brands such as Nespressoare making it easier for us to recycle, working for sustainability actions rather than against them.

Choosing to align with brands, again like Nespresso, that have a similar ethos and attitude to the environment, and that which seek to be as eco-friendly as possible in their endeavours, is a small starting step in the right direction to living a more eco-friendly life. This National Recycling Week, look to see how the brands you engage with scale on the sustainability and recycling factor;  you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Click here for more on recycling your capsules with Nespresso


Words, Emma Cheg

Styling, Heidi Albertiri

Photography, Heloise Love



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