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Meet the brand transforming the workwear industry with fully recycled materials: Beau Tex Designs.

From hair and beauty, to footwear for a trade - the brand has now introduced their new workwear for a trade that is always on the feet, featuring stylish shoes and trade accessories.

Beau Tex is saying no to landfill and yes to re-use; it is giving waste products a second life - and we are all about it. Each shoe is made from 12x500ml recycled water bottles, keeping discarded plastic out of the ocean and landfill. On top of that, the shoes are water repellent, bleach resistant and made from 100% recycled materials. So if you want to do good for our environment, then Beau Tex is your one-stop shoe destination.

"Our products are crafted from high quality, intelligent fabrics that are made to last not end up in landfill," says founder and director Brooke Jones.

What we absolutely love about Beau Tex Designs is their dedication to transparency; the brand's supplier partners follow internationally recognised standards for their employment, safe working conditions and clean production techniques.

"We are constantly exploring, innovating, educating and incorporating ways in which every element of our product is ethically produced; from cut to sew, packaging, buttons and zippers ..."

We absolutely love what Beau Tex is achieving, here are three reasons why you should pump up your wardrobe with some Beau Tex essentials:

  • You will help to fight the war of plastic waste

  • You will support this incredible sustainable and ethical brand

  • You'll set a new trend


WORDS | Laura Baehny


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