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Shedding some light on Casita

What is a lighting plan? Why do I need one and what difference does good lighting really make?

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These are things I did not know when embarking on the journey of creating Casita. I knew what I wanted it to look and feel like, but the rest I figured would just fall into place. What I learned is that you have to work with the right people who understand what you are trying to create and work with you to guide you and lead you in the right direction. We worked with Light Co to guide us in the right direction for Casita and they did not lead us astray.

Simply, a lighting plan is just that, a plan for your lighting, the details of what types of lights, and how many lights you will have in each space. We started with the floor plan to spec what would be placed where and created a map from that for the electrician to work from. Once we worked out where we wanted lights, we just needed to fine-tune the look and that was easy once we worked out the function of what we needed the lighting to do.

We worked with our space first and foremost and put lights where the electrician wouldn't normally expect to put them, but it worked for us - Advice stick to your guns and make sure you put your foot down, the last thing you want is to have to look at the finished product and think " I should have put that light there!"

We also learned that good lighting must start from the time people arrive at your place. When guests arrive at night the light out front goes on to greet them like a familiar friend and leads them into the house. The lighting quite literally takes them on a journey so its important to get it right

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if you are embarking on a project, take some time to talk to the experts to get some advice and think about how you want to experience the space you are creating it will make the process a whole lot easier.

Visit Stay Casita and check out the difference our lighting really does make



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