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Clean Teeth, Clean Planet: Our Favourite Eco-friendly Oral Care Shoot is here

From harnessing the power of nature's ingredients to promoting a sustainable and ethical approach to oral hygiene, check out some of our favourite toothpastes offering a refreshing alternative to conventional options. We shot these incredible Aussie-born brands right here in the TLSE studio. Choose a healthier smile and a cleaner planet and elevate your oral care routine!

Keeko: Self Care for your teeth!

Keeko is on a mission to provide your mouth with the recommended daily intake of tender loving care through a feel-good, natural oral care routine that you'll actually enjoy.

Keeko is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly toothbrushes made from biodegradable and renewable materials. Their toothpaste tubes are 100% home recyclable, reducing plastic waste and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. In fact, Keeko is proud to be the first certified plastic-neutral oral care brand in Australia, taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.

Meet ROCC Naturals: a toothpaste brand that stands out from the crowd, bringing a refreshing change to the toothpaste industry. With a commitment to natural and sustainable oral care, ROCC is here to redefine your brushing experience. What sets ROCC apart is its focus on the good stuff. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, their toothpaste promotes whole mouth health.

Beyond the product itself, ROCC takes pride in its design-inspired toothpaste packaging. You won't find it hidden away in a drawer. ROCC toothpaste is meant to sit proudly on your sink, elevating your bathroom aesthetic with its sleek and stylish design!

At the heart of ROCC lies a dedication to using naturally derived ingredients, free from any nasties. Rocc is seriously sustainable, non-toxic and backed by science.

Pearlii believes that taking care of your teeth should go hand in hand with taking care of the planet. That's why they have carefully crafted an eco-friendly range of oral care products that minimize their environmental footprint. From sustainable toothbrushes to recyclable packaging, Pearlii ensures that every step of their production process is kind to the Earth.

But Pearlii's commitment to making a difference doesn't stop there. They are passionate about providing dental care to those who need it most. With every purchase you make, Pearlii donates 50% of their profits to organizations and communities that lack access to oral health services. By choosing Pearlii, you become a part of their mission to create a better world, one smile at a time.

Make the switch today and discover the joy of oral care that leaves you with a fresh and radiant smile, naturally. If you're looking to shoot your product, get in touch with us today ...we'd love to help!



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