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Culinary Delights: Our Favourite Cookbooks From Hardie Grant

When it comes to culinary inspiration, there's nothing quite like flipping through the pages of a beautifully crafted cookbook. This month, we're all about exploring flavours, techniques, and dishes that bring a spark to our kitchen adventures. We wanted to share our current favourites from Hardie Grant Books, each offering a unique perspective and on the art of cooking. From mastering the art of fish to reimagining plant-based baking, these cookbooks are our current culinary crushes.

1. 'The Dinner Party: A Chef's Guide to Home Entertaining' by Martin Benn and Vicki Wild

Elevate your hosting skills with "The Dinner Party" by Martin Benn and Vicki Wild. This book seamlessly blends culinary finesse with the warmth of home entertaining, guiding you through the art of crafting unforgettable dining experiences. From creative plating techniques to expertly curated menus, this cookbook is an invitation to transform your gatherings into remarkable culinary events. Check it out

2. 'A New Way to Bake: Reimagined Recipes for Plant-Based Cakes, Bakes, and Desserts' by Philip Khoury

Plant-based baking that's all about flavour? Yes, please! Philip Khoury's "A New Way to Bake" flips traditional recipes on their head, offering plant-powered treats that are as indulgent as they are nourishing , all while savouring guilt-free indulgence. Khoury's imaginative approach showcases how plant-based ingredients can yield sumptuous delights that please the palate and nourish the

3. 'Sohn-Mat: Recipes and Flavours of Korean Home Cookings' by Monica Lee and Tien Nguyen

Embark on a culinary adventure through the vibrant flavours of Korean home cooking with "Sohn-Mat" by Monica Lee and Tien Nguyen. This cookbook is a celebration of heritage and tradition, offering a collection of recipes that encapsulate the essence of Korean cuisine. From savoury delights to comforting dishes, every page brings a taste of Korean authenticity to your kitchen. Check it out

4. 'Fish Butchery : Mastering the Catch, Cut, Craft' by Josh Niland

Dive into the world of seafood mastery with Josh Niland's "Fish Butchery." Through intricate insights and expert guidance, this book takes you on a journey from ocean to plate, emphasising the importance of sustainable practices and responsible sourcing. With a focus on precision and creativity, Niland's techniques elevate fish preparation to an art form. So, when you're delving into "Fish Butchery," you're not just learning recipes—you're diving into a movement. Check it out

Each of these cookbooks, published by Hardie Grant, embodies the publisher's commitment to delivering exceptional content that brings joy to the kitchen. So, not only are you getting a taste of culinary excellence, but you're also supporting a publisher that knows a thing or two about cooking up amazing reads. Follow your culinary curiosity and dive into the joy of cooking with these artfully curated books.

WORDS | Layla Hfaid



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