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Hisense Event Showcases Sustainability, Innovation, and Convenience for the Modern Home

In a recent event hosted by Hisense, we had the pleasure of engaging in a captivating conversation with two remarkable individuals who offered profound insights into the confluence of sustainability, innovation, and convenience in modern homes. Barry du Bois, a Hisense ambassador known for his warm personality, and James Robson, the owner of Ross Hill Wines, shared their perspectives on how these values are embodied in Hisense's product range and their collaborative efforts.

Barry du Bois: Embracing Convenience for Families

Barry's opening anecdote about his mother's comforting words, "We will throw your clothes into the wash and wash you’re worries away," resonated with attendees. It was a heartfelt testament to Hisense's commitment to alleviating everyday challenges for families. He emphasised that Hisense has made customer convenience a cornerstone of innovation. Hisense's ConnectLife smart home app exemplifies this ethos. This app allows users to remotely control appliances, saving time, energy, and money. Barry illustrated how this app empowers users to control their air conditioners, adjust fridge temperatures, and activate the freezer's Super Freeze Mode. It's not just about making life easier; it's also about enabling more quality time with loved ones. Sustainability, Barry pointed out, is at the core of Hisense's values. Hisense incorporates heat pump technology into its washing machines and dryers to promote eco-friendly practices. For instance, their 9-Star energy-rated Heat Pump Dryer uses significantly less energy. But sustainability extends beyond product design to encompass manufacturing, packaging, and recycling. Barry emphasised that Hisense is responding to consumers who prioritise eco-conscious choices.

He further explained how the ConnectLife app enables homeowners to effectively reduce energy consumption. By monitoring energy and water usage, users can make informed decisions about their consumption habits. This not only helps manage electricity bills but also contributes to environmental conservation. When it comes to advancements in smart technology, Barry highlighted that Hisense's seamless integration of smart features into appliances not only enhances convenience but also supports a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle. Homeowners can use the ConnectLife app to monitor and adjust appliance settings, optimising energy efficiency.

James Robson, Ross Hill Wines: Championing Sustainability

James Robson, owner of Ross Hill Wines, illuminated us about the vineyard's dedication to sustainability. Ross Hill has long upheld an environmentally conscious approach to winemaking, from vineyard practices to hands-on winemaking. James shared some key practices Ross Hill employs to maintain its carbon-neutral status and reduce its environmental impact. These include embracing solar energy by increasing panel capacity, using variable speed motors, reducing tractor hours, implementing rainwater catchment, and improving insulation.

For wine enthusiasts, James offered valuable tips on creating an energy-efficient and sustainable wine storage solution at home. He emphasised the critical role of temperature control, recommending Hisense's dual-zone wine cellar. This appliance not only allows users to store white and red wines at their ideal temperatures but also offers UV filtering to safeguard wine from the detrimental effects of light exposure.

When asked about collaborations with eco-conscious companies like Hisense, James expressed immense pride in Ross Hill's carbon-neutral status. He underscored the importance of partnering with brands that share a passion for sustainability. Such collaborations empower consumers to make eco-conscious choices and play a part in building a more sustainable future.

In this engaging dialogue with Barry du Bois and James Robson, we witnessed how Hisense and Ross Hill Wines are driving the sustainability agenda. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, convenience, and eco-consciousness not only shapes the products we use in our homes but also inspires us to make choices that contribute to a more sustainable world.

WORDS | Layla Hfaid


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