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From Left to Right: Lani, Phoebe & Claire 

Behind every great woman I have ever met there is a great team behind them supporting them, cheering them through the day, whether we are talking business or personal. We never do it alone.

Our Team Edit started off as a way to introduce our team at TLSE and we had such a great response to it that we are continuing it as a regular post to share with you some of the great teams we lay witness too, work with and come across on our own journey. What a great honour it is to be part of this web that keeps the world turning on a daily basis.

Our Team Edit today, we hold close to our hearts. These chicks mean business and they have been able to see our vision and our business for not only what it is today, but for what we want it to be in the future. We have been working closely to grow The Life Style Edit and their support, guidance, mentoring and humour has been paramount in setting us straight.

Let us introduce you to the awesome team behind. Deane & Co.

An end-to-end marketing service where they look strategically at your business and the opportunities surrounding it and show you how you can work smarter, not harder.

We sat down with Claire, turned the tables and asked her some questions about team work and here is what she had to say.

What do you think is most important in creating a team ?

"In creating a team in the first place, I think it’s largely intuition. You know if someone is going to be a good fit based on what feels right. That’s how I’ve brought on board Lani and Phoebe - Phoebe I literally met at a launch party my friend was throwing and thought “I have to get her to work with me!”. Growing the team, it’s still something I’m learning every day. I don’t think I’m a natural manager, so I read and listen to lots of podcasts".

What does the perfect Deane & Co day look like? Why is your team so important in that?

We’re all introverts, so our perfect day would probably look like us all working from home with our dogs on our laps! Seriously though, I really love our Team Tuesdays, where we spend the day together at our co-working space, brainstorm ideas for clients, talk about ideas for new business and usually head to Nodo for ‘healthy’ donuts in the afternoon. Throw in talking with some of our favourite clients about new projects that we’re both really excited about, and that’s the perfect day.

That sounds like a pretty good day to me too.

"The team is so important because we all bring such different aspects to Deane & Co. Phoebe is so organised and is our etiquette queen, Lani is super thoughtful, everything that comes out of her mouth has been carefully considered so you know it’s what’s best for the client. I’m probably the one that comes in with crazy ideas and the team then either have to rein me in or tell me to go for it! If we were all the same kind of person, no work would ever get done"

"It’s our differences that mean we can work together so well" Claire Deane

If you could have anyone come and be a part of your team for the day, who would it be and why?

"How can I pick just one! I’m pretty obsessed with Phoebe Lovatt of The WW Club, I’d love to brainstorm with her. I also just listened to a podcast featuring Rachel Shechtman who founded Story in New York, and she was amazing. I’d love to pick her brain on the future of retail and ecommerce. I’m also so inspired by Julie Stevanja of Stylerunner, what she’s created from scratch is a constant source of awe. I’d love to sit down with her for a full day and talk about big picture plans".

The girls are based in Brisbane, and are ready for you. They are connected with Brands and businesses in Sydney, so don't let the distance stop you. It didn't stop us. Whether you want to position your brand as the go-to in your industry, increase your following on social media, be featured in your favourite magazine or create an amazing brochure that showcases who you are to the world, Claire and the girls have your back. Just want to pick there brains for 60minutes, you can do that too with a Marketing Mastermind Coaching Session.

Ready? Then email now Claire and the girls now. As you can see, they are ready for anything.

If you have a team you'll think we love, then please be in touch. We'd love to work with you.



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