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Last Day of Scorpio Season

You may have just finished celebrating all your special Scorpio birthdays and no doubt they were moody events full of intense conversations by candlelight and over a delicious glass of red wine. So you would most certainly be forgiven for assuming Scorpio is a fire sign with their passion, intensity, and occasional nasty sting but, despite first appearances, Scorpios are actually emotionally deep and sensitive water signs.

That being said, Scorpio is represented by the colours deep red and maroon which certainly do depict the heat and spiciness they're best known for, so we have put together the list of fiery products for the perfect Scorpio Christmas gift...


Use after blissful days in the sun by the sea. Seamless teeth help gently comb wet or conditioned hair without causing breakage.

Inspired by iconic Hollywood movies and characters from the gilded era, odalie red is saturated with pigment for intense, long-wearing colour.

Ginger, tuberose and sandalwood are reinvented to form an unexpected combination. A hand-tied silk ribbon playfully adorns the bottle as the finishing touch.

A cotton terry bandeau bikini featuring a self tie at centre front and low rise pants.


Ultra soft, durable and highly absorbent for everyday use after a shower, or for a cozy time at the beach.

With a modern metal, high gloss base and raffia woven shade, the Caanos Lamp will bring life to any space.

Perfect atop a stack of coffee table books or nestled neatly on a shelf, the brass scorpion is the perfect adorning the home of any Scorpio.


This salt has some serious heat to it and adds the perfect touch to any oriental dishes or your pasta or steak. With a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt, which has been carefully mixed in with birds eye dried chilli flakes to create a hot chilli salt for the true chilli lover.

Slow fermented from 100% Blue Weber Agaves grown in the rich clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. With notes of dried fruits and spicy oak with a touch of sweet agave, Casamigo Reposado Tequila is the perfect base for a spicy margarita.

Happy shopping.

WORDS | Emma Douglass



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