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Light a candle, grab a book and spray some lavender - the latest in linen bedding will make you never want to leave your bed this winter.

As we head into the cooler months, bed linen is more important than ever. We shine a spotlight on a few of our favourite bed lien brands in colours and patterns we can't get enough of this season. Let's just say it's going to be hard to get out of bed!

Sydney-based linen brand IN BED has a range that is made up of classic, earthy colours in 100% linen. In addition to their base palette, seasonal tones and patterns are also added in response to the different seasons.

IN BED products are sourced and made with love from all over the globe using only high-quality, natural materials which get better and better with age.

The best part? IN BED are big on keeping all their products environmentally friendly and work closely with a small number of trusted certified suppliers both locally and internationally. A great choice for those conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, pure linen bedding is designed not to date, can be used for years, and is produced much more efficiently than other fabrics such as cotton.

We can't get enough of their linen in tones of nutmeg, turmeric and forest green – all shades made for cocooning and indulging in during the cooler months.


Bedding from Sydney-based artist and designer Rachel Castle is always fun, bright and cheerful. Their new 'Little Garden' range, which is a wonderland of flower sketches in the prettiest of colours, will leave you feeling like you're actually sleeping in Rachel's artwork!

Everything Rachel touches has an intuitive sense of colour and pattern – we absolutely love her delicately printed velvets and graphic printed linens, which lend a little playful punch to both kids and grown-up bedrooms. Rachel's bed linen balances simplicity with wonderful personality.

The charming and joyful patterns in Rachel's bed linen will brighten up your bedroom space this winter.

Whatever the season, white linen bedding will never go out of style. Pair it with seasonal colours to break up blocks of colour or simply dress your entire bed with layers of crisp white. Since launching in 2012, Cultiver have developed a cult following, and it really comes as no surprise. Cultiver's bedding selection is styled for simplicity, focusing on colours which are effortless and understated. In tones such as blush, cedar, fawn and sage, Cultiver linen incorporates an enzyme wash to accelerate the softening process that naturally comes with every wash as linen ages so that it has a vintage feel from the first time you use it. We're in love!


WORDS | Hande Renshaw

IMAGES | Courtesy of In Bed, Castle and Cultiver



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