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My super talented friend: Patricia Braune

I am always in awe of people who can create something from nothing. As a stylist, I use other people's wonderful things and put them together to add to the beauty that is already there, but design, creating something from nothing that existed before is an amazing talent that I am in awe of.

Not only am I lucky enough to be able to work with such talent, but I am also very lucky to call this particular designer a friend and believe me when I say, it's an extraordinary journey of discovery and creativity.

I am not just being biased you can judge the latest beautiful and inspirational collection by my lovely friend Patricia Braune for yourself.

We spoke to Patricia to hear more about her new collection Sanctuary Lines.

Where did your inspiration come from?

The Sanctuary Lines Collection has been inspired by our human need to create an oasis in our personal space. Taking inspiration from nature is always my starting point.

For this collection, I explored the curves and shadows of contours in the sand, the dimensionality of woven grasses and the pliability of clay. All these textural elements played a role in these designs that bring us back to earth, back to nature and back to ourselves.

Delving into the elemental architectural influences of arcs, curves, textures, hemispheres and polarity has resulted in these twelve designs that encompass and transcend design influences and eras, and yield a calm sophistication.

See how the collection has been translated and come together in the fabric and wallpaper below, I think you will agree that it's an extraordinary interpretation of bringing life to the blank canvas she started with.

Pear- Papaya, Vase Dinosaur Designs, Chair, McMullin and Co


With rounded geometric attributes, this design is simple and organic in a linear way, created to add the essence of calm and stability to any space.

FIBRE In the stillness of windswept sand dunes, the grasses blow and bend in the wind displaying their flexibility this was my inspiration for this design as we embrace texture in a simple linear design.

Side Table Adairs Jug, Dinosaur Designs


From below we observe solar rays radiate through the clouds as they create beautiful sun rays that light our earth and create an ethereal light, peaceful and magical.

Bowl McMullin and Co


Across a panoramic and abundant star-lit sky, one notices the multitude of stars high above that remind us that we are all connected and part of a bigger universe.

Ceramic Light Papaya Bench Seat In Artisan Large vase Papaya, Small vase Dinosaur Designs


Taking time to connect to nature, feeling the grains of sand slipping through our hands, raking the sand with our fingers, feeling the warmth of the sand we recognise that we need to slow down to appreciate all the natural beauty around us.

Collaboration pieces Rug Designer Rugs Ottoman Crown furniture

The Sanctuary Lines collection can be purchased in wallpapers, textiles, art, mosaics, tiles, and surface design. Whether you are an interior designer or making over your own space. Sanctuary lines has something for everyone.

I told you she was clever.

Find more information on Patricia and her beautiful collections here

Written by Heidi Albertiri



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