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Our Chemical-free SPF Selects for your Summer Skin

Summer is here and as much as we all love the Aussie sun, caring for the skin you’re in has to be a priority at any age. Our skin is our largest organ, a waterproof casing that protects our internal body from bacteria, chemicals, and temperature. Protecting our skin from harsh UV rays can not only prevent sun damage and slow the signs of ageing, but is your best defence against skin cancer. Shockingly, Cancer Australia estimates that this year there will be 17,756 new skin cancer diagnoses, 10,374 of them men and 7,382 women, and devastatingly, 1,281 people are expected to pass away from melanoma.

Those shocking statistics aside, we are lucky to be well-informed about the importance of getting enough Vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption and promotes the growth and mineralisation of our bones, which we ironically get from sun exposure. Scientific studies show that our skin absorbs up to 64% of whatever we put on it. You may not know that most popular sunscreen brands include chemicals that, even after the initial application, can be absorbed into the bloodstream at levels that exceed the safety thresholds.

So how do we protect ourselves from devastating melanoma AND the harmful chemicals found in most store-bought sunscreens? Well, we’ve done the work and collated a bunch of our favourite Chemical-Free SPF products to protect your skin from UV rays without any of the nasty chemicals your body has to metabolise.

Check them out below...

SunSlayer's natural physical sunscreen is proudly plastic free, vegan, cruelty-free and safe for our oceans.

Certified natural zinc oxide sunscreens. Made in Australia using 100% solar power. Certified cruelty-free. Non-nano & reef safe. Suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.

SunJuju's antioxidant reef-safe SPF is natural, plastic-free sun care made to protect your skin, without the greasy feeling.

The Kind Sunscreen is an all-natural zinc formula creates a moisture-locking barrier to reflect rays and help prevent sun damage and skin cancer. (And check out that packaging!)

Made locally in Perth Western Australia, Avocado Zinc's natural physical sunscreen uses non-nano zinc oxide to safely protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays without weighing it down or leaving it oily.

SUN JUICE is a healthy blend of mineral-rich ingredients and skin-nourishing botanicals to brighten, soothe and protect your skin from AM to PM.

Sunny Skin sunscreens are filled with bio-actives, and compatible lipid profiles, and are free from chemical UV filters, fragrances, silicons, irritating ingredients & parabens.

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen is a high-performance SPF 50+ sunscreen that provides powerful broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Using only non-nano mineral sunscreen filters, Physical Sunscreen both absorbs and reflects damaging UV rays to protect the skin. The advanced formula glides over skin, quickly absorbing to leave a lightweight protective veil over the complexion.

Grown Alchemist Natural Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen boosts hydration levels and doubles your dose of protection from environmental aggressors and UV rays with natural Zinc Oxide.

We hope you have a safe and happy summer!

WORDS | Mikaela Buettner and Emma Douglass



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