Has winter got your skin feeling a little worse for wear? If you're feeling like your face is looking less chiseled and more droopy - we've got the solution for you. Reviving your skin can be as easy as trying out a face roller to kickstart the natural method of lymphatic draining.

Totally non-invasive and super easy to use, this rose quartz face roller is the ultimate, natural way to carve out those cheekbones and define that jawline, helping to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and even enhancing the effectiveness of your skincare routine! The dual-ended, face rolling tool is a quick fix for dull, tired end-of-day skin in major need of a miracle. By gently rolling in an upward motion across the skin, the roller helps boost lymphatic drainage and circulation while stimulating future production of collagen - win, win!

So, how do I use it?

Start by applying your favourite serum, moisturiser or oil to freshly cleansed skin. With the larger roller, start in the centre of your face and begin to slowly roll outwards and upwards toward the hairline. Then, move to the chin, rolling outwards toward the ears and downwards down the side of the neck. The smaller roller is perfect for smaller, more sensitive areas like around the eyes.

Top tip

If you're battling that morning puffiness, try put the roller in the fridge to cool it down and speed up the de-puffing process.

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WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Skinstitut