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So Fresh and So Clean: Mode Seltzer Offers Drinkers a Lighter Alternative

Premium alcoholic seltzer Mode landed late last year, just in time for our Christmas party so we can attest to it's deliciousness! Mode is carefully crafted using an artisanal blend of native ingredients and perfect for health-conscious Australians.

The Australian market is dominated with beers, cocktails and wines, and Mode wants consumers to experience what a quality Australian seltzer should be. Using native Australian ingredients and the highest quality vodka, produced by a local team, Mode is committed to producing the best product possible and in turn, saving seltzer from mediocrity.

Boasting low-sugar, vegan friendly and gluten-free with just 5% alcohol, each can of Mode has an average of 105 calories, making it an alternative for health-conscious consumers. The unique collection features a range of carefully crafted flavours that showcase Australian native ingredients and promise to keep you cool during the hot Aussie Summer.

Jim’s Pink Blouse: Tasmanian pepper berry, ginger and lime

Salt Brushed Skin: Davidson plum and forest berry

No More Elevator Music: Yuzu, cucumber and basil

Frankie’s Sunset Dress: Mango and pomegranate

“I wanted to create a sophisticated product that’s focused on the incredible ingredients from our own backyard. We have amazing native flavours in Australia, why do we need to drink something generic from overseas?” says Mode founder Michael Clifford, who previously worked as a senior executive in London at major brewer SABMiller plc (Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell) and independent spirits distillery Quintessential Brands.

“For so long, customers could only choose between drinking a beer, wine, spirit, or a cocktail, and more recently, an army of seemingly similar brewed seltzers without much flavour. Mode is here to change that and offer a real alternative to the bland. Alcoholic seltzer is a fast-growing category, and I thought it was time that consumers should be able to enjoy a premium product with exceptional Australian flavours, which is why we created Mode.”

Cool off this Summer with Mode! This refreshing and delicious drink is the perfect way to quench your thirst after a long week of hard work or to accompany your Summer activities. Pick up a can at selected bottleshops and treat yourself to the ultimate refreshment.



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