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Heard of Bondi's newest addition, Slow House? If you haven't, you can thank us later. Situated a short stroll from Bondi beach, Slow House is a restorative experience designed to help you slow down and recharge. To say the space is beautiful is an understatement - from infrared saunas to ice baths, there is something to help everyone recharge and find their balance.

We offer a laid back space with an indulgent edge, providing alternative healing holistic therapies for those who seek both spiritual and physical harmony.

Underpinning Slow House are the mantras of slow living - a lifestyle choice devoted to a balanced, meaningful declaration of modern day life. A reflection of Roman bathing culture, Slow House is where remedy and tranquility meet socialisation, so you can detoxify on your own or with friends in a calming space. With beautifully curated details and refined finishes, everything within the space has been designed with intention.

Developed on the notion that in order to present the best version of yourself, you need to be fully charged yourself before you can give energy to others, Slow House is a calming yet energising space. So, if you were at all in the market for a place to ground yourself and give yourself a well-earned restorative experience - look no further.

If we had to pick...

The 'Signature Slow' would have to be our top pick for this place. Whether you're looking for yourself or know a friend in need of a relaxing afternoon, the Signature Slow is a 75 minute session designed to make you scrub, sweat and glow - so you can feel completely rejuvenated from the inside out.

It's safe to say the TLSE team are going to be dreaming of this place when we go to sleep tonight.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Slow House



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