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The words adaptable, eco-conscious, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free are enough to catch anyone's attention, and KYN is just that. Formulated to be an adaptable range suitable for all hair types with an emphasis on clean ingredients, the thoughtful team behind KYN have created a formula that has been tested and proven to be effective for all.

Many of us here at TLSE are striving towards incorporating inclusive and conscious practices into every aspect of our lives where we can. We're not always perfect, but we are so thrilled that KYN offers us the opportunity to include this practice into our daily hair routines!

KYN proves that clean, nourishing and conscious products don't always need to cost an arm and a leg. Having a product that is adaptable means that it can be used by everyone in the same household too - no more clutter, we're keen on a clean minimal bathroom shelf! Not only are KYN's products designed to be adaptable, but versatile too. The hemp oil might be used by someone with colour treated hair as a prewash treatment while someone with textured hair might use it daily to maintain curl and someone with straight hair might use it to give hair shine and form a base before applying a texture spray - win-win-win!

How many of us consider the impact our products make on the environment when they go down the drain? KYN considers the impact ingredients can have on ourselves and the environment. The vegan, cruelty-free products are formulated in Australia and manufactured by a family-owned factory using quality plant extracts, essential oils and nutrient-packed hair loving ingredients. With KYN your hair will be moisturised but never weighed down, detoxified but never stripped of its natural oils. In just a few uses your hair will have all the bounce, volume, and shine - hair goals!

We've pulled three essentials from their collection you definitely need in your shower this Summer:

  1. Overnight Hair Mask - hello hydration! With the heat, humidity, and rain we've been brought it might be time to treat our locks to some extra loving.

  2. Ocean swims are a must to beat the Aussie heat, but with it comes dry, brittle, salty hair. KYN's Hemp Oil is packed with nutrients made to strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, prevent future breakage and it can be used as a scalp or hair treatment.

  3. Just as we exfoliate our body to promote glowing and healthy skin, healthy hair starts at the scalp. KYN’s Scalp Scrub is the holy grail when it comes to rejuvenated, healthier hair. It detoxifies, exfoliates, moisturises and balances your scalp, gently washing away impurities and encouraging hair growth.

KYN is clean hair care. For every hair type. For everyone.

You can find them at Priceline or on their website.


WORDS | Sheena Quick




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