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Talking colour trends with Haymes Paint and Wendy Rennie

We all love seeing the change in seasons with colour and the trends that magically appear in our lives from the fashion we wear and what we put into our homes but have you given much thought to how those colours come about or why?

The psychology of colour can play an important role in conveying information nonverbally, impacting certain moods, and even influencing the decisions people make so it makes sense that so much time, research, and study goes into the colours that we use in our day-to-day.

Haymes Paint put extensive research into the colours that they launch to play with for the coming seasons and the result for this forecast is so very fitting. The colours and themes of Haymes Paint’s Colour Library Vol. 16 encapsulate the effect the last two years have had on us all, as we leave uncertainty behind and move towards a new chapter of our lives. Reflecting the renewed energy instilled in our approach to life, they represent a sense of hope, appreciation and gratitude we all feel as we move forward. Today, we are all more determined to be true to ourselves and our values.

See the palettes below and use them as inspiration in your projects to see the difference the right colour can make.

LIGHT PLAY The ‘new normal is here, and there is a fundamental and tangible energy shift rippling through us all. Our sense of playfulness is returning, bringing with it a newfound need for fun, experimentation and an ‘anything goes’ attitude. We can now do this by bringing this sense of vitality and energy into our homes – pushing the limits with colour in a way that is neither fussy nor contrived.

Light Play palette from top clockwise.

1. Soft Minimalism- Rendercoat Rare Find, Red Energy, Aloe Green, Faith, Metal Trace Brazen. 2. Reflection- Exhale, Empress Blue. 3. Dark meets Light - Botany, Blasted Bronze, Woodcare, Licorice.

Light Play offers just this: fun, unexpected and playful colour combinations that showcase an experimental shift in colour and how to use it.

This palette contrasts bright and fantastical shades with newer colours that offer depth and intimacy, providing a ‘Yin and Yang’ combination that reinvigorates the home.

"The ‘new normal’ is here"

CAREFULLY NURTURED Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a strong push towards using colour as a tool to shift energy, influence our mood and shape our environments.

Carefully Nurtured addresses the knowledge that colour can affect our moods and mindsets by encouraging a holistic and healing approach to colour and interiors.

Colour - Soulful - Green Lily

As we move into a new era, many of us have found it helpful to transform our homes into nurturing sanctuaries where we can retreat from the outside world and rejuvenate.

Carefully Nurtured offers colours specifically chosen to help heal, restore and reinvigorate our bodies and minds so we can return to the world and give back in a positive way.

"Colour can affect our moods and mindsets"

Carefully Nurtured Palette, Clockwise Water White, Gravel Stone, Black Pitch, Interplay1, Yucca, Green Lily, Woodcare Cedar, Adobe, Dusk, Orange Lichen, Leaf Brown, Morning Rise, Seed.

Colour Haymes Seed

LIVE WIRE In order to embrace the past, present and future, we need to look for creative ways to capture what ‘has been’, and what lies ahead.

Live Wire helps do just that, as we break down rules and reinvent old trends.

Live Wire Colour Palette from top to bottom - It's Back - Modesty White, Intrigue, Retro Twist- Silken, Billabong Blue, Blue Sapphire, Past & Present- April Sun, Hinterlands, Vitality, Hunter Green

The home suddenly becomes more about individuality and creativity, encouraging people to tell their own stories through colour and interior choices. Recycled furniture has new value as ‘handmade’ and ‘handcrafted’ are keepsakes and our nostalgia of simpler times comes to the fore.

There is also a readiness to move forward and a greater sense of freedom as individualism becomes increasingly popular.

The bold colours in this palette, combined with the use of pattern, define it as diverse and assured, demonstrating that what is right for one is not necessarily right for all.

"Live Wire helps do just that, as we break down rules and reinvent old trends"

All you need to do now is play, take time to feel into your space and connect with how you want to use it and how you want people to feel when in the space. There is no better time to introduce some new energy into our spaces.

To see the full spectrum of the Haymes colour palettes you can head in store - to find your closest retailer or to view their website head here



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