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As Milan Design week draws to a close, we bring you the cream of the crop, Alcova - an experimental prototype for an itinerant cultural institution in development by Space Caviar and Studio Vedèt.

Over the last few days, the Alcova platform showcased the best art and design at forgotten locations and spaces of historical significance, temporarily re-casting them as venues. Across these sites designers, institutions, galleries and companies working on themes such as contemporary living, design culture, materials and technological innovation, presented their work.

Got the travel blues? So do we. So we've pulled together some of our favourite pieces from the week that was.


01 | Dezek in Collaboration with Formafantasma, "ExCinere"

A refined collection of volcanic-ash-glazed, porcelain tiles - yes, you read that right - "ExCinere" is the result of more than three years of research. Exploring the behaviour and transformation of this raw material, it focuses on the potential for volcanic ash to be an alternative to sand … a material that is at risk of becoming scarce in the future.


Matthew McCormick created a site-specific lighting installation for Alcova; sitting midway between a lighting sculpture and design-art object, the gestalt configuration is an undulating cluster of McCormick’s Mila pendants combined to create a randomized, multi-layered composition.

“The harmonious mix of impossible balance and gravity defied is seemingly random in nature; however the shape of each Mila pendant are intentionally positioned to create a unique, billowing dialogue between each form.”

- McCormick.



Designers: Holly Board, Peter Grove

Collaborators: Yassas, Marco Gabriele Lorusso

“Two Tables” was designed with the ambition to create a pair of tables that compliment each other, yet have their own unique personality. Just like siblings, they are the same but uniquely different.


04 | ATELIER AVÉUS “Non-Objective tables”

Designer: Morgane Roux

Collaboration: 3D images made in collaboration with Massimo Colonna

The “Non-Objective tables” are a collection of tables taking inspiration from the suprematist paintings of the early 20th century. Each table is a unique composition of materials where large shapes of colours are floating free. The table becomes an abstract piece suggesting the movement of each element in relation to the frame, represented here by the transparent glass table-top.


Designers: Federica Elmo, Odd Matter, Studio Pepe

Collaborators and other credits: Justin Morin

Sponsors: 4Spaces

Bloc Studios presents three new series of objects created in collaboration with designer Federica Elmo and design studios Odd Matter and Studio Pepe. The brand was established in Carrara in 2014, with the aim of transforming raw, natural stones into everyday objects whilst preserving the inherent qualities of marble. Bloc’s philosophy is based on the idea that every piece of marble has a story that needs to be told. That’s why every product is an exclusive one-off piece.



Lambert & Fils and DWA Design Studio present Caffè Populaire, a six-day concept restaurant inspired by this shared ideal. Hosted at Alcova, Caffè Populaire brings people and objects into dynamic encounters with one another through the essentiality of food.


07 | Exhibition: Tense

Studio: Panter&Tourron

Designers: Stefano Panterotto, Alexis Tourron

Tense is a furniture research project that explores the evolution of living in a time of global mobility and fluid identities.


Curated By: Izzy Clarke, TLSE