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Some of you may not know this about me but in my former life I was a florist, for many years. And it is with the change in season that I always miss my beloved little shop the most, that is where you get to witness the true change in seasons. Nothing beats the crispy early morning market visits to see new flowers on the floor that we haven't seen in a whole year. I still get excited after all these years. So, with Autumn upon us it brings with it, it’s seasonal change of Colours, Textures and Fragrance.

The leaves on the trees are falling and changing colour and are providing us with the opportunity to play with the beauty that this change brings, bringing these new tones into our homes.

Image via Pinterest

Bulbs such as Tulips, Narcissus and Hyacinths will start appearing along with the array of berries such as Vibernum and Privet, Natives such as Proteas, Leukadendrons and Tea Tree go gangbusters at this time of year and last so long they are great value for money. But please bin them once they go brown. Do not keep dried natives in a vase. This is a major no, no and never, ever looks great.

Also look out for woody branches, lichen covered sticks and mosses, get some indoor plants happening to bring in a touch of green and you have successfully transitioned from Summer to Autumn.


Always trim the end of your stems before putting them into water, about 2 - 3 cm is good. Make sure the water is clean and change every 2-3 days. Some stems make more bacteria and turn the water green quicker, the fresher the water, the longer your blooms will last.



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