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Team TLSE are fresh off the back of Life Instyle and it never ceases to inspire and delight us to see what’s new, what’s coming and to watch businesses continue to evolve.

Part of the evolution of a business is getting your message across online. To do so, it takes some seriously great visual content to tell your brand story. We hope you’ve had a glimpse of exactly what that looks like as you followed the fun at The Studio, our pop-up space onsite at Life Instyle, where we captured and created beautiful content with some fabulous businesses right there on the spot.

Spending time hands on with products always stimulates our creativity and whether we have worked with your brand to produce images in the past, or you’re already sitting on a library of content wondering how to best use it, read on to learn how you can leverage it to grow your business.

Why good content is so important...

Your online presence is an extension of your business - an additional shopfront that can draw in new and returning visitors by having a constant presence in a space they visit daily. Like a bricks and mortar address, it's important to allocate time and resources to regular posts on social media to get the attention of your audience, as well via electronic direct mail (EDM), which puts your brand at the forefront.

Content runs 24/7

Once content is live it will go off and do the work for you while you sleep. When you've identified a strong foundation for your message and know who your audience is, it's time research when and where to target them. Then your meaningful content will be served up to them by the magic of the internet while you doing other things, even generating instant sales. How good is that?!

Where to start

Manifest your wildest dreams and fake it ‘til you make it. We mean it. Go big! Use your best images and words to sell your message and keep it real - use your own voice and talk about your products and your passions. This will connect you to your audience and help build a community, rather than just customers.

"If your content is beautiful, your audience is more likely to linger." Heidi Albertiri

Just do it

You've got 2-3 seconds to make an impact on your audience so you'd best believe that beautiful content is essential. However, just like walking before you run, rolling out your content to online platforms has to start somewhere. Take baby steps and be brave. Do your research and take cues from other brands you admire. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be consistent and speak of you. Get started, get help from experts if necessary and let it evolve.

Know what you’re good at

Play to your strengths. When you hit a skill set that’s outside your comfort zone, bring in the professionals to get it right for you the first time. What may seem like a significant investment initially will provide huge dividends with time as your brand gains awareness and a strong following more likely to result in sales.

Here's help

You'll be happy to know that creating great content is not only what we're good at here at TLSE, it's what we love doing most. To make it easy and help build a foundation for your business to grow from, The Manual is our giant fold-out super beautiful poster with all the tools you need to start your business right. Stick it up in your work space and start to Mind Your Own Business. Creating great content starts right here. Order yours now and we'll hold your hand through the process of building your business into what you've always dreamed it can be.


WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE




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