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Wine and beautiful spaces - does it get any better?

Photo credit: GabrielSaunders_SterlingGlobal_HeyingtonPlace

Do you love wine (pointless question, who doesn't)? How about investing in a slice of inner city luxury in Melbourne's beautiful suburb of Toorak? If you answered yes, believe it or not we have a solution for you in Toorak's new development project.

The new Toorak project, known as Heyington (named after its location), will not only provide you, with an integrated wine fridge but will also give you the opportunity to craft your own wine collection via a unique partnership with local favourite Toorak Cellars. Have you ever invested in a property with benefits like that?!

And it only gets better from there...Heyington has partnered up with the wine bar to spoil you with exclusive wine perks, including a complimentary sommelier consultation, up to a dozen complimentary wines and VIP privileges in-store. Our only question: where do we sign?

"The perfect environment for cellaring wine is at 10-15 degrees Celsius at 70 per cent humidity in a dark place that is free of movement vibrations, that's why wine fridges are the perfect addition to any home," says Toorak Cellar owner Lyndon Kubis.


Reasons why you'll love the project as much as we do:

If you are into organic wine, like we are, you'll fall in love with Toorak Cellars. All their wines are organically farmed, hand-picked, fermented using indigenous yeasts and bottled with minimal additions.

What we at TSLE also admire about this project is the fact that each home has been crafted with natural materials; think limestone and timber, combined with folded columns and expansive windows. The kitchens feature a natural sandstone bench, integrated Gaggenau cooking appliances and Liebherr refrigerators.

Photo credit: GabrielSaunders_SterlingGlobal_HeyingtonPlace

Lucky owners of a ground-level apartment have the option to include a swimming pool that is nestled in an expansive layered garden environment of canopy trees.

"We are thinking holistically about what we can offer buyers as many transitioning to an apartment are seeking a complete lifestyle offering, not just a place of residency," says Sterling Global Development Director, Brandon Yeoh.

If you (like us) are interested in the project, head to the Heyington website for more information.


WORDS | Laura Baehny



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