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At TLSE we believe a little planning goes a long way. With all the travelling we've been doing lately, including a healthy dose of self care in our daily beauty routine has never been more important. A rescue kit with natural plant-based oils and essential boosters keeps us fresh and fabulous, feeling our best and ready to hit the ground running when we land after a flight and whilst we're on the move.

Flying dehydrates both your skin and body and long hours in airports sap everyone's creative juices. Couple this with being thrust into a completely different climate (not that we're complaining, "Hello Bali!"), it's all bound to take a toll on our usual levels of energy and vitality.

We've put together a hit list of our must-have products to provide a burst of freshness, nurture the body and replenish the soul as we work, create, discover and feed our wanderlust.

“Start your trip right to ensure you can go the distance by packing all the essentials to look after your skin and body.”

- Heidi Albertiri, TLSE Founder

1. Dentrifico toothpaste, Uashmama

Made in Italy, loved in Australia, this is the last word in toothpaste for a refreshing lemon twist on an essential for good oral hygiene. Detoxifying charcoal cleans and whitens. Cute packaging too!


2. Therapy Pulse Point Stress - Peppermint & Lavender, The Aromatherapy Co

Possibly our all-time favourite quick fix, these little beauties are a super-effective remedy to reconnect with self when things get a little overwhelming.


3. "Lover" spritz, Courtney + Babes

A therapeutic mist to adjust the energy of you and your environment, our current favourite contains rose quartz extract, which "vibrates with the energy of unconditional love while opening the heart chakra and elevating self esteem". What more could you want when you're on the go?


4. Relief Essential Oils Roller, Lumen + Luxe

Pocket-sized power to roll onto temples and wrist for a revitalising boost of peppermint and lavender essential oils. Just the ticket to combat travel fatigue.


5. Roll on Empower Facial Elixir, Bopo Women

Made in Sydney and enriched with delicate blend of eight healing and nourishing oils, this is the perfect travel-sized skin care solution to a tired complexion. Gently roll onto your face, neck and décolletage, concentrating on any dry areas.


...... and here are the rest of our favourites. They may not have made it into our Top 5, but you can be sure they all made their way to Bali with the team! Stay tuned for more travel survival tips from Team TLSE, and our Bali guide launching later this year.


Words | Diana Moore, TLSE

Images | Art Direction: Emma Chegwyn, TLSE. Styling: Heidi Albertiri and Savanna Cohen, TLSE. Photography, Rebecca Hannaford.



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