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XMAS Gift Guide: Staff Selects Fanny

Hello! I am Fanny, a graphic designer driven by a deep passion for crafting visual stories through design.

Christmas for me is a canvas of endless possibilities and it is a time of year when creativity flourishes and magic fills the air. I adore my role in design - it is not just a job but a passion that fuels my creativity every day. Crafting beautiful social media posts is where I find my bliss, combining design elements to create captivating visuals that tell stories and evoke emotions.

I am eagerly embracing the festive season, channelling my enthusiasm into every graphic and illustration. From intricate patterns to playful designs, my gift guide is focused on beautiful gifts that are well-designed! Join me on this artistic journey as I embark on celebrating the spirit of Christmas and also reflect on the beauty and wonder of this enchanting season.


1. Mama Sunshine Tee and match with Mini Sunshine Tee

This simple white t-shirt adorned with the words 'the sun always comes up' is the epitome of summer chic. Its effortless style and positive message resonate deeply with me, especially as I watch my little 'almost 2-year-old grow and explore the world. The versatility of this tee is unmatched - it's a canvas for endless styling possibilities, making it an ideal choice for the vibrant days of summer. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the uplifting message serves as a reminder of optimism and resilience, something I cherish and strive to embody. This tee isn't just an addition to my wardrobe, but I love the symbol of positivity and an ode to embracing life's sunny moments, making it a must-have for this season.



I love the mesmerizing ripple design of the Wave Bowl from Amber Fazeek! Its retro aesthetic perfectly complements my diverse collection of vintage kitchenware. Anticipating its arrival in my kitchen, I can already envision the artful gatherings shared with family and friends. To me, this is more than just a dinner bowl; it is a catalyst for memorable dining experiences, infusing a touch of whimsy into every culinary affair!



This tassel throw isn't just a throw—it's a cozy style statement! The vibrant hues are a burst of inspiration, setting the perfect tone for my home workspace. As someone who adores being both snug and stylish, this throw embodies the fusion of comfort and trendsetting design. Its powerful colour palette is a surefire way to invigorate my home office, making it the ultimate accessory for luxurious comfort during those work-from-home days. This Christmas, I'm longing for the warmth and inspiration this throw promises to bring to my space.


4. Green Scallop Set of 4 Small Bowls

These Green Scallop Set of 4 Small Bowls caught my attention for their simplicity and charm. I love their serene green colour and the delicate scalloped edges, which add a touch of elegance to any table setting. They're just the right size for snacks or desserts, and I appreciate their versatility. I think they'll be a lovely addition to my collection and perfect for casual gatherings or adding a bit of style to my table this Christmas. Plus, their timeless design ensures they'll be a staple for many seasons to come.


5. Art Gallery Membership

An art gallery membership at the Art Gallery of NSW would be an incredible Christmas gift! As a designer, drawing inspiration from remarkable artists is crucial, and this gallery stands out as my favourite in Sydney. It's a hub of constant creativity and innovation, offering a vibrant spectrum of exhibitions, talks, and events. With each visit, I immerse myself in diverse art forms, gaining fresh perspectives and fueling my creative spirit. A membership here would grant me unlimited access to this enriching environment, providing an invaluable resource for continual inspiration and growth in my design journey. It's not just about admiring art; it's about fostering an ongoing connection with creativity that shapes my work and fuels my passion for design.



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