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XMAS Gift Guide Staff Selects: HEIDi

Hi everyone! I'm Heidi,

Captain of the ship, I am the driving force behind TLSE combining creativity and design with expertise in strategy and collaboration. Infusing TLSE's DNA with a rare blend of strategic vision and strong connections and collaborations, I have a passion for empowering others to elevate their businesses. Beyond my love for TLSE, I love the holiday season, where I cherish the joy of giving (as well as my love of receiving!)

Gift-giving is my love language and I adore it because it is a way for me to express my appreciation and love for the people in my life. There is something really cool about finding the perfect gift for that special someone that resonates with them, bringing a smile to their face and warmth to their soul. It is my way of showing gratitude and care, creating moments of joy and connection.


1. Lola - Terry Slide

I am a big fan of being comfortable and practical and I'm always looking for items that I don't have to try too hard with. These are on my wish list as my go-to slide for summer for wandering up and down the hill to the beach with sandy feet. I am loving all of them, hard to choose just one colour but I am having a Latte moment so choosing that one!


2. Pyramid Candle Holder

This funky candle holder would add a bit of jazz to my home and spice up my household, especially

during the festive season. I appreciate how this piece strikes an artistic balance between design and atmosphere. The graceful sculpture will bring a subtle yet charming touch to spaces such as a coffee table, cozy vignette or nestled amongst my favourite books. Can't wait to see how it will look on my coffee table!


3. Blacklist "Hear the Waves" Fine art print

Always been a fan of art, especially beach-themed prints so when I saw this limited edition art print by Blacklist

Studio, I was blown away. It is part of a selection collection of only 50 prints and each is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, adding a special touch. I love the use of cotton rag paper to ensure a high-quality and longer-lasting piece. I find it intriguing that these prints are made to order, I always love personalised Christmas gifting and I have the perfect spot in my house for this to hang.

So if I am lucky, I'll be hanging it up on boxing day!


4. Poppy Lissiman Ketchup cardholder

Red is undeniably my colour of choice for the summer as I love how it exudes vibrancy and confidence. I would pair this cardholder with a bold red lip to create an effortlessly chic look that screams summer glamour. Perfect for the Christmas party season, there is something so empowering about embracing the colour red; I find it a statement that embodies energy and passion, adding pops of boldness to an outfit. There were so many beautiful colours to choose from here, with cobalt blue and green coming in a close second, but the colour red holds the power to elevate any ensemble. So, this season, I'm all about embracing the allure and impact of red - it's the perfect embodiment of summer style and boldness.


5. Gucci Ophidia GG Mini Shoulder Bag

The Gucci Love Parade collection has got to be my favourite so far, as I love how it weaves tales through colours, and within it, the GG Supreme, emblematic of the brand's heritage that draws inspiration from a '30s archival design. The versatility of this mini shoulder bag is what makes it an absolute must-have for me this Christmas. The compact yet practical design ensures it is not just a stylish accessory but also functional for carrying my everyday essentials. As I am always on the move, this bag perfectly complements my style, adding a touch of iconic Gucci elegance to my look. I love its timeless design that resonates with the spirit of the season as to me it is not just a bag, but a statement piece that captures the essence of my enduring style and luxury. As I eagerly anticipate being on the nice list this season, this little number feels like it was made specifically for me as an ode to timeless elegance, making it the perfect Christmas treat for me this year!



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