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XMAX Gift Guide Staff Selects: KRISTY

Hi! I'm Kristy 👋

I'm a Sydney-based Social Media Specialist with a background in leadership, marketing strategy, and social media. With over 8 years of experience in the space, my expertise lies in crafting innovative and strategic approaches to elevate businesses' social media presence effectively and positively. I love a good Tiramisu and have a philosophy of celebrating life's moments, preferably with loved ones and a glass of red wine in hand.


1. The Emma Lewisham Essentials

I have had my sights set on this range for a while now, and this feels like the perfect opportunity to finally explore their incredible core product range. This feels like the ultimate gateway to dive into all their fantastic core products. With a carefully curated set of minis, this premium set is the perfect introduction to The Emma Lewisham range, and I am excited to get stuck into their beautiful range.


2. Book - Grimoire Girl

Ever since her days on One Tree Hill, I have been captivated by Hilarie. Now, her latest book has been receiving exceptional reviews, and I can't wait to chill out by the side of the pool and get stuck into it. It is a compelling narrative that delves into the art of creating your legacy, prompting introspection and guiding you to chart your path forward. It is the kind of read that seems tailor-made for embarking on a fresh journey, perfectly timed with the upcoming new year. Offering insights on self-discovery and carving out your own destiny, this book feels like the perfect companion to kickstart a transformative new year!


3. Soda Stream

I have been eyeing a replacement for this for some

time now, and I've decided to take the plunge with the latest update. Excited to upgrade and stay committed to staying hydrated in the coming year! I'm on a mission to increase my water intake, and this new addition feels like the perfect solution—making hydration effortlessly chic and ensuring I'm always on track with my daily water goals. Here's to a year filled with hydration and health!


4. Le Creuset - Cast Iron Round Casserole

While Le Creuset might come with a bit of a price tag, it has unmatched quality and has been a classic in my kitchen for so many years. I have been eyeing this gem for a while now and I am finally ready to commit and make the investment for a new cast iron dish this Christmas. This casserole pot is not just a staple cookware piece, it's a kitchen statement! Picture is nestled amongst your cookware, its vibrant hue adding a pop of sophistication to your kitchen decor. It is time for me to prioritise quality and add this iconic piece to my kitchen collection - it's been on my mind for too long! I have chosen it in sage to add a beautiful pop of colour to my kitchen.


5. Bed Threads Pink Clay & Turmeric Cushion Cover

The Bed Threads Pink Clay Cushion Cover boasts a colour combo that's simply irresistible! Its vibrant tones could effortlessly inject a burst of energy into any space, becoming an instant focal point. I'm envisioning how this chic addition could breathe new life into my living room, and truth be told, I'm so enamoured by it that I might just embark on a full home restyle to accommodate its charm. I'm ready to embrace the change because sometimes, the right accent piece can transform an entire space. It's about to become the centrepiece of a beautifully revamped home aesthetic—one that's stylish, vibrant, and irresistibly cozy!



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