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What’s the first thing you did this morning?

This morning I was woken up at 3:30am by a dog I am looking after snoring! It took me a long time to get back to sleep and then I was almost late for work. I was pretty grumpy!

What’s your star sign and what three traits of that sign that you feel you emulate most?

Leo. I definitely love attention, I am pretty confident - but I think I can be quite proud too and that stops me from doing new things where I am scared I might fail. I am trying to work against that at the moment and take more chances.

What political issue are you most passionate about?

Better caring for our refugees! I firmly believe that Australia is better because we came together from all different cultures and so many people have found new lives and opportunities here. I want to see us become a country that cares for every person who ventures to our shores - not just the Western and qualified ones.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

I am extremely short sighted so my glasses are an absolute MUST. I am glued to my phone - especially now I can buy things with it - and I always have to have a water bottle with me.

Name one country you’d love to visit?

Singapore! I just love the idea of trains that run on time (unlike here!) and there are so many amazing sites to see. It's so different to Australia and I would just love to have the experience.

What’s something you’re proud to say you overcame?

I was freelancing as a digital marketer for most of last year and had one client who wouldn't pay me. He ended up owing me over $4000 at one point! I think the way I eventually stood up for myself and set boundaries around my own worth was a real moment of growth for me.

What has been your most memorable TLSE moment?

On my first day here, the team suggested we all move to Byron together - so that was a surprise! Otherwise, I think the chances we've had to go out and spend time together as a team.

What’s a piece of advice you would have given to your past self?

Every situation will come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. So enjoy the good times, and let the bad ones pass. Hold onto the people that push you to be the best version of yourself.

If you could name one all-important, golden rule for effective social media ads, what would it be?

Know your audience! Don't just assume that a group will engage or buy from you - watch the data and be ready to have your expectations shifted! We see this all the time at TLSE - an ad which we think will really resonate with 20 year olds doesn't, or we assume women will be more interested in a design fair and it's a 50/50 split. It's so important to test your assumptions!

How did you feel on your first-ever day with the TLSE team?

Excited! I had been freelancing for a while so I was thrilled to be working with a team again. I felt so included straight away. One of the things I love about TLSE is that we all eat lunch together most days - such a lovely way to break up work :)


Digital marketing and social media advertising can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially in an environment that is ever-changing. More often than not, the rest of us girls have absolutely NO. CLUE. how Hannah navigates that world - which is why we are so lucky to have her! Hannah has the knowledge and expertise to delve into your target audience, the backend of your socials, your website data and Google analytics, and understand the best steps for you to take to get your brand story out into the world and in front of people who will love it. Trust us when we say, you'll feel very lucky to have this fab girl on your side!

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