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What’s the first thing you did this morning?

I would love to say got up and walked Arlo (my dog) for a circuit around Cook River, as I try to do most days, but not today...oopsie!! (Promise I’m going this afternoon - don’t judge). Instead, I snoozed my alarm for 15 mins and snuggled back into bed.

What’s your star sign and what three traits of that sign that you feel you align with most?

I’m a Pisces - through and through.

Sensitive: Without a doubt - I’ll be the first to admit that my most prominent Pisces trait is SENSITIVITY. If I’m honest, this is something I need to work on more - it’s very easy to let my emotions take hold of me and things start to spiral, but I also acknowledge that sensitivity can be a good thing too, which brings me to my next Pisces trait…!

Intuitive: I like to think I’m instinctive and intuitive to the way others are feeling - I love to feel like I can offer support to the people I care about and give insight and advice where I can.

Creative: Lastly, I would say I’m creative. One of my favourite places to spend time at TLSE (work-wise, obviously with the team would be my no. 1) is right here on The Edit, and I’m super grateful to Heids to have given me this creative outlet.

What political issue are you most passionate about?

This is a tricky’s hard to choose just one! I think the most urgent would definitely be preserving our world as much as possible - sustainable living, reducing climate change and acknowledging its existence (ahem world leaders…!), and of course, doing justice for our beautiful animals. Secondly I think it would have to be equal parts women’s equality, and LGBTQI rights.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

My family, my dog Arlo, and FOOD.

Name one country you’d love to visit?’s hard to choose! I’d love to go back to NYC (which is my FAVOURITE city in the world!). As for somewhere I haven’t been, maybe the southern parts of France? Just gimme all the super pretty countryside, cobblestone streets, old buildings, and awesome local food.

What’s something you’re proud to say you overcame?

Leaving a role where I was treated really badly. It was not a nice time and drove my mental health down into the ground, which I am a bit susceptible to in times of stress - I let everything in and it takes its toll…! It also all happened at a time where my family had experienced the devastating loss of my Grandpa, to whom we were all very close. I’ve come a long, long way since then with the help of my TLSE team and all the wonderful opportunities I have been given here and the trust that Heids has in me has really built my confidence back up.

What has been your most memorable TLSE moment?

So many to choose from!! Could be when Fi fell off her chair and through the floor that had been slowly rotting in the rain (sorry Fi - it was hilarious), or Meg doing her daily movie quotes (and listening to Pitbull through headphones - considerate), Xanthe trying to pick up a structural pole at Life Instyle thinking it was one of our plinths, or Heids modelling her new swimming costume over her clothes. Things happen in this team every single day that make for a memorable workplace, and a team that I would struggle to be without.

What’s a piece of advice you would have given to your past self?

Stand. Up. For. Yourself. This is something I'm still working on - I still feel a bit like I'm a bit of a notorious push-over - but I'm slowly learning to surround myself with people who don't take advantage of that.

What is the biggest mistake you see people making on their social media accounts?

Hmmm...there are a few social media "crimes" I frequently see users committing, but for me, short, uninspiring captions take the cake (AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES!!). So many people think that there's some unwritten rule that your captions have to be kept short and unrevealing and that's just not the case. Captions hold a huge opportunity! Use them as a tool to share your business values, a relatable anecdote, cute personal facts, words of wisdom, or even a struggle you have faced. It's so important to position yourself and your business as relatable, otherwise why would anyone listen to what you have to say?

You are an incredible wordsmith that draws us in with your content but what do you think is the most unpleasant sounding word?

I feel like everyone would expect me to go with "moist", but I associate that word with well made cakes so it's definitely not offensive to me! I actually had to Google "bad sounding words" to get my imagination going and I came across PHLEGM. That is definitely a gross word. Sounds gross, looks gross, is gross - hard pass on phlegm.


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