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What’s the first thing you did this morning?

The first thing I did this morning was snooze my alarm – it was just too cosy in bed not to!

What’s your star sign and what three traits of that sign that you feel you align with most?

I'm a Gemini...I've never really looked into Gemini traits and a lot of people always jump to the conclusion that Gemini's are two-faced, but after Google-ing it, I've discovered being a Gemini ain't so bad after all. I would say the traits I feel I align with most would be outgoing, indecisive and affectionate.

I love to socialise and am known to be very friendly in most situations. Sadly, my indecisiveness makes me the type of person that takes just a little too long to make a decision (TOO MANY OPTIONS!!). I would say my most prominent trait is affection, which I think has allowed me to be someone who is comforting and warm hearted, if sometimes a little sensitive.

What political issue are you most passionate about?

Climate change. I’ve always been passionate about this issue, but after the major fires Australia endured late 2019 and early 2020 it is apparent something needs to be done now - especially while everyone is so aware of how badly this can effect our country and our people.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

My family, my friends and Little L chicken burger and chips *drool*

Name one country you’d love to visit?

I think it would have to be Greece. It is so picturesque and I’m a sucker for some good Greek food – first stop Santorini!

What’s something you’re proud to say you overcame?

Deciding to distance myself from people who were very negative and didn’t appreciate me. Being stuck in that situation really took a toll on me, I started changing into a different person and it wasn’t someone I wanted to be. I worked up the courage to move on, and after a bit of time with myself and surrounding myself with supportive people I came out the other side feeling more myself than I have ever felt. Sometimes I feel like I should thank these people for making me the person I am today, but it’s not them I should be thanking, it’s the people who supported me and lifted me up and continue to do so – so if you're one of them, thank you.

What has been your most memorable TLSE moment?

My most memorable moment at TLSE would have to be the day I found out I was going to be full time – I actually could not wipe the smile off my face! It wasn’t just because I love the work I do, it was also because I get to spend 5 days a week with the amazing and influential woman at TLSE. I am one lucky girl to get to spend most of my days surrounded by these awesomely funny chicks who I have already learnt so much from.

What’s a piece of advice you would have given to your past self?

Do not get that watermelon tattoo – everyone will think its pizza and you will spend too much money trying to remove it.

What’s your favourite song to pump you up for a day of social media at TLSE?

I think its quite unfair to make me choose just I won’t!

It really is dependant on the day. I would have to say any song from Ziggy Alberts ‘Laps Around The Sun’ album – I'd call this on a crowd pleaser and definitely on the more chill side of things. Often I will force the team to listen to 8 hours of R’n’B from the 00’s, which usually results in Xanthe and I dancing at our desks as we work. But, if I have to plug in and drown everyone out, my guilty pleasure’s are The Presets ‘Hi Viz’ album OR anything by Rihanna.

If you could add one feature to Instagram, what would it be?

I’d add in the feature for it to be mandatory for people to inform their followers where the clothes they're wearing in their pictures are from. There have been too many times where I have fallen in love with an outfit and have had no idea where it is from!


Your Instagram page is often a customer's first experience with your brand. This means that drawing people in with an enticing social media feed is super important, and can be the difference between someone who engages with you and someone who doesn't. Meg is a double whammy - offering awesome social media skills in the likes of content planning and research, AND she's a design expert. Meg's combined skill set make her the perfect person to have on your side if you're looking to level up your socials - from look and feel, to tone of voice, to number crushing.

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