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How to create great online content for your business

In a digital superhighway saturated with information and images, standing out from the crowd takes more than just pretty pictures. Here are five expert tips from the TLSE team to pimp your product, brand or service to get noticed, get clicks and get your online offering sorted.

1. Stick to your brand aesthetic

Work on developing a palette of colours, fonts, photography style or filters to optimise your images to reflect the look and feel of your business. This way there will be no mistaking your work and your audience will recognise it easily as they scroll.

2. Keep it coming

Consistency is key. Regular posting feeds the social algorithms to ensure your content routinely appears on the feeds of your audience. If daily posting is too much to handle, look to invest a small amount in a scheduling application to ease the load.

3. Create a digital content plan

Rather than struggle daily with an ad-hoc approach, set aside time to plan the delivery of your social schedule in advance. Once you’ve established your needs, create a bank of content all at once to enable you to roll it out over several months.

"Engaging online content that is beautiful to look at and thoughtful to encounter is key to the success of every brand." Heidi Albertiri

4. Mix it up

Include a combination of images, quotes, insights and tips in your feed to give your audience a broad overview of the goods and services you offer, as well as the underlying ethos of your brand. A mix of 80/20 works well; 80% aspirational content for your followers to understand and connect with your brand and products, together with 20% straight sell service- or product-based content. Sharing posts of others you admire is also a great way to grow your audience and tap into the feeds of new followers.

5. Be authentic

Not only is it exhausting to maintain a façade created merely to impress, you’re at risk of telling the wrong story about your brand. Speak with your own voice and consider what inspires you to do what you do. Channel that into inspiring your audience – a window into what makes you tick brings your followers closer and builds trust.


The Life Style Edit can help you build a comprehensive strategy tailored to your brand to get you started and set you up for the month ahead. Our February special offer for just $1200 (payable in instalments) includes a strategy building session with the TLSE team.

We will address all of these key points, holding your hand through the process, then set you on your own path for success. Email us at to find out more.


WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE




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