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Everyone loves their morning coffee, and so does TLSE! Make your morning brew more than just a ritual, start the day with a cup of hand-roasted, Fairtrade coffee...with a difference.

That's what Change Coffee – World Vision Australia's first social enterprise - is all about, with the goal to help eradicate global poverty by 2030. Change Coffee follows a business model that incorporates strategies to innovate social change. "From corp-to-cup, the coffee is ethically, socially responsible, and accountable," says Head of Social Enterprise at World Vision Australia Simone Dowding.

“There is no better way than to start the day with an epic cup of coffee that’s really changing lives,” Social Entrepreneur and Head of Social Enterprise at World Vision Australia Simone Dowding

Make a change to the world with us by simply picking the right place to purchase your coffee from to satisfy your morning craving.

“We are all in this together, this isn’t just about the coffee, it’s about starting a movement that empowers businesses and their customers to choose products the are contributing to a better planet for us all,” Simone

Available at the moment is a range of decaffeinated and two caffeinated roasts, with a new roast soon to be released.

  • Purpose Blend: a balanced full-bodied black coffee

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: a vibrant and fruit-forward coffee

  • Decaf: well-balanced and great for milk or black-coffee


WORDS | Laura Baehny

PHOTOGRAPHY | Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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