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There's never a bad time of year to give your home a little refresher, especially one that does it's part for the environment. What better way to treat your indoor or outdoor dining room to a makeover than with chairs made from recycled industrial waste? Yep, you read that right. Here at TLSE, we are all about making committed changes to the products we consume so that we can do our part in building a more sustainable environment - and thanks to Magis Design's Bell Chair, it's never looked so good.

Design, material and production are all important components of creating a responsible product - but Bell Chair recognises that it doesn't end here. A responsible design should consider all aspects of a product - installation, energy consumption, maintenance, disposable, packaging, environmental impact - the list goes on! But don't worry, we've found a product that does all of the above!

Bell Chair is made of recycled polypropylene, which is obtained from the waste generated by Magis' own furniture production and from local car industry. The patented material excludes almost all "virgin and new" materials and can be 100% recycled again after use. By doing this, Bell Chair forms an almost closed material cycle.

Weighing only 2.7 kilograms, this chair is super easy to move around - not to mention the ergonomic shape of the chair with bulbous geometry and structural strength! What better combination is there than practicality, comfort and visual appeal? Even better, Bell Chair is made in the most responsible way - using production methods which abstain from wasteful energy practices and inefficient manufacturing speed.

Designed for a circular economy, the Bell Chair is a symbol of responsibility - and will have you looking forward to meal times more than ever. Whether you're using them indoors, outdoors, or even for events, the Bell Chair is designed for all occasions.

Give your space an environmentally conscious refresher.

Check out the range here - happy browsing!


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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