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Ettitude: changing not only how we sleep, but how we think.


Dressing up to go to bed is a novel concept; especially once the work clothes come off and the makeup gets wiped away! Reframing our perspective around this however, (and presenting a new opportunity to feel stylish as we slumber) is sustainable and ethical brand, Ettitude.

Ettitude produces bedding and sleepwear from 100% organic bamboo lyocell - (referred to as the vegan silk for its silky-soft and cruelty-free qualities) - creating luxurious, affordable and sustainable products.

Cementing their mission to change how we sleep, Ettitude's vast product range is especially good for those with sensitive skin; the bamboo component makes each item thermoregulating, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, allowing the products to not only look good but more importantly feel it.

With the fashion and design industry continuing to seek out ways to close the loop on their manufacturing processes, Ettitude is operating at a level that ensures all fabric offcuts are repurposed into product bags; it’s part of the brand’s commitment to treading lightly on the earth.

“We think it’s vital to create a product that can be appreciated not just for its low environmental impact, but for its lasting value to the home. It’s not sustainable unless people actually want to take a product home, use it, enjoy it and care for it."

Phoebe Yu - Creator

Choose to sleep a little easier with Ettitude, knowing that you're making a difference whilst doing it stylishly


Start sleeping better, here.

Images Provided By ETTITUDE.

Curated by Georgia Tyszkiewicz, TLSE.


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