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Alexander House, designed by Alexander & CO, takes workspace design to a whole new level.

Alexander House is described as 'a home for working' - stepping away from the traditional office to a more artistic residential environment that can change and adapt to the evolving needs of the Alexander & Co team and their clients.

Set in a Victorian-era terrace home in Sydney’s inner east, simply put, Alexander House is a workspace that doesn’t feel like a workspace but more like home.

"Designed as a safe space for reflection, experimentation and to nurture the creative spirit, Alexander House is our thesis, prototype and a place for our team and community to test out and challenge ideas,' says Alexander & Co.

The space includes private exterior spaces and internal environments which vary in material, scale, lighting and volume. Each space allows the team to provide both a true residential showcase experience for their clients and a flexible working environment for those working. There are various work areas to suit private and collaborative work. There are even bedrooms to accommodate interstate team members and amenities such as a steam room and ice bath!

"Conceived as a design laboratory, Alexander House supports a diversity of uses including working environments for both collaboration, meetings and solo time."

Among the various influences referenced throughout are old chapels and churches, with their tonal palettes, double-height volumes, and limestone and sandstone walls that appear to erode away over time. The monolithic pink concrete table by Concrete Bespoke (which weighs 500kg and was craned into the space) is also similar in form to an altar.

An earthed feel connects the interior spaces, expressed through the use of reclaimed materials. "As well as reclaimed timbers, rammed earth bricks from waste materials, a cohesive material palette of concrete, polished plaster, steel, brass and stone accents have all supported our aesthetic vision which fosters a 'found' feeling."

This is definitely one work space we would never want to leave!


WORDS | Hande Renshaw

IMAGES | Anson Smart



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