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I'm not exactly sure where our summer went. Somewhere between Sydney's "defacto lockdown" over Christmas, with everyone either in isolation with Omicron or actively trying to avoid it by staying home, and the recent extremely wet weather causing chaos and devastation in NSW, our summer freedom didn't exactly reach the peak we'd perhaps been dreaming of during the pain of homeschooling last year. Now summer has passed and, somewhere along the road, it has well and truly become autumn.

But that's ok, because with the arrival of autumn also comes a sense of renewal we all desperately need after the madness of the last 12 months. Whether it's the beautiful clear days, the crispness to our mornings, or the changing colours of leaves getting ready to fall, autumn marks the transition of one thing into something completely different. Soon the evenings will cool and it will be darker earlier as we turn our clocks forward and bid farewell to daylight savings.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to discover that autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit Casita. The water of Jervis Bay hasn’t had a chance to fully cool off yet after summer so daytime beach swims are still a must, however the milder evenings more than justify lighting the outdoor fire pit. You can cook up a much heartier feast than you would have last season, but also enjoy dinner and drinks outside. Superb!

When renovating Casita, Heidi Albertiri made conscious design choices to ensure the property could be enjoyed to its maximum potential all year round. Here are some of her well thought out selections...

When you arrive at Casita, you'll no doubt notice the feature front door and silver pull from Lo + Co. Enter your code into the keypad for keyless entry, push on the stunning oversized handle and step inside.

As the autumn sun begins to set, you'll find yourself reaching for the switch to flick on some lights. Our favourite switches by Clipsal turn on the feature flush-mount lighting overhead from The Light Co.

Wander into the living room and you'll find this stunning floor lamp from The Lighting Collective which softly lights the space on a beautiful late autumn afternoon.

Lighting is essential when setting the mood, but you can't fully achieve the desired atmosphere without a little bit of background music. Connect your device to our Sonos speaker and listen to your favourite tunes while you wind down, prepare dinner or enjoy a few drinks with friends outside.

This round up of products for autumn would most certainly not be complete without including the outdoor heater from Bromic. With a sleek design that allows it to be tucked away on the ceiling, this heater doesn't intrude on the space when it's not in use, but means the al fresco space at Casita can be enjoyed even when the ambient temperature starts to feel a little fresh.

Come and enjoy autumn at Casita for yourself. You can find more information or book online here.

WORDS | Emma Douglass



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