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Don't get us wrong - WFH has certainly got its pros, one of which being the option (a tempting one at that) to spend all day in your pyjamas. So with restrictions slowly easing and more and more people transitioning back to the workplace, it's totally normal to feel a bit nervous when you've become accustomed to a new norm. If you're feeling like you might have lost your groove a bit when it comes to getting ready for work, fear not - we've got you covered.

With all of the benefits that go with WFH, finding the motivation to get dressed can be tricky at times, and can leave you feeling a bit 'bleh'. Staying in your pyjamas can be exactly what you need some days, but can leave you feeling a bit bad about yourself. Not only is getting back into the office the perfect reason to get dressed and feel good about yourself, it's a great way to redefine that barrier between work and home. Reintroducing a professional environment into your routine might be just what you need to get your productivity back up, and will help stop your work commitments from spilling into your personal life.

Getting back out there...

Feeling comfortable again and re-adjusting to the old/new 'normal' is a totally common feeling, and you shouldn't beat yourself up if you're feeling a little out of sorts. If you're starting to feel those back-to-work blues, it's important to remember all of the positives! Not only do you get to switch up your scenery, it's a great way to better define that separation between your work responsibilities and your home life.

Finding your balance...

Finding the right balance between comfort and professional work clothes is a great way to ease back into the workplace, and can make the transition back that little bit easier. Having to wear actual pants (and not just your trackies) might be a harsh awakening, and definitely something that might take some adjusting. Treating yourself to a new pair of pants that combine comfort and chic might be exactly what you need to make the transition back that much smoother.

Switching it up...

Now that you've got some back to work staple pieces sorted, you can finally be excited about settling back into it! Don't get us wrong - be able to spend so much time at home has been lovely, but a change of scenery, even if little, might be just what we need right now. Having all of your work materials in the same place and getting back into a professional environment will most likely boost your productivity, and will make settling back into the office that much easier. Embrace it; get stuck into it, dress the part, and strut your way into work!


AKA your ultimate statement piece. Take any basic outfit up a notch and use a trusty blazer to totally transform it into a whole new look. Keep your back to work outfit simple and comfortable by using a blazer to really carry the weight of making it look professional and stylish. Madewell is a brand we are totally obsessing over at the moment - with a bunch of blazers to pick from, it's guaranteed to give any outfit a stylish edge.

Don't sacrifice comfort for the office!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Supplied



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