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Looking for quick win projects to tackle during lockdown? Makeover your dodgy old garden shed in the space of one weekend.

Sure it’s a hardworking structure that’s built more for purpose than style, but your garden shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

With all this time spent at home right now, if you’ve been ignoring the declining state of yours for months, or even years, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and give it a glowing makeover. All it takes is a lick of paint and a little elbow grease and you might even find yourself coveting it for an outdoor studio!

“It’s details like these that friends and family as well as potential buyers really notice.“ Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Expert

When your renovating budget is depleted, this is a really affordable way to inject a little colour into your outdoor space and make the most of what you have.

“A shed that’s seen better days can really bring down the look of your garden.” Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Expert.

Give it a makeover and next time you get a visit from family or friends, it'll be the showpiece of your backyard.

“It’s easy to get excited about sprucing up a living area or bedroom, but the practical parts of our home are no less deserving of attention,” says Andrea. “What many people don’t realise is how big an impact they can have on your home’s overall look."

7 simple steps to a new-look shed

1. Start with a declutter

Clear out the shed or garage of anything you no longer need or use, then organise the rest into proper storage.

2. Prep the surface

If it’s damaged or old, this stage will probably take longer than the actual painting.

3. Decide on a colour scheme

Think about whether you want your shed or garage to blend into the background or make a statement. Use a tone-on-tone combination to highlight architecture or go for strong colour blocking by painting everything in the same colour.

4. Choose a paint

Choose a paint that can withstand the elements and resist mould and stains such as Dulux Weathershield.

5. Cut in first

Use a brush to cut in around the edges and hard to reach areas. When painting doors, start with the inner panels and work your way out.

6. Apply paint over surface

Use short, horizontal brush strokes, then smooth over wet painted sections with long brush strokes. Do not reload the brush when you do this, a few strokes should be enough to smooth the surface.

7. Apply second coat

Give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat for a second coat. Bare timber may require a third coat.

Potting shed outdoor trolley

“Muted greens will add freshness to a tired exterior and they harmonise beautifully with plants and foliage” Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Expert

Colour trends for 2020

Bring your shed bang up to date and on trend with these fetching hues:

Green – from soft mint and sage green to earthy olive

Black - choose a matte finish for the ultimate in sophistication

Charcoal - deep & moody to blend in with surroundings

Navy - the perfect match for a bright red door

Stone - for classic camouflage

Designer tip:

Look to popular Colorbond colours -

the key is to work with the undertones, so they blend together harmoniously


WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE

IMAGES | Dulux Australia

STYLING | Bree Leech

PHOTOGRAPHY | David Mitchener



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