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Sitting high above a spectacular backdrop of the beautiful, clear blue waters of Sydney’s coastline you will find this bayside masterpiece. A project by Renato D’Ettorre Architects, the magical site is the embodiment of Australian seaside living – endless ocean that stretches to the horizon, rocky headlands, and an ideal north-eastern aspect.

The design is subtle and nuanced, shying away from anything flashy or overstated. The home expresses a deep respect and sensitivity for its surrounds – its discreet scale, layered materiality, pared-back palette and quiet nature provide a private sanctuary along the busy coastline.

A reflection pond and the sound of waves lead the way to the entry. Throughout the home, glimpses of the coastline can be seen through perforated breeze block-style terracotta bricks (custom made for the project by PGH Bricks), louvered windows, and woven screens, having the dual effect of allowing the house to breathe and inviting a dynamic connection with nature.

Light is refracted into the living areas via a double-height catwalk on the upper floor that looks out onto the ocean below and horizon beyond. Walls and openings are strategically angled and placed to allow for privacy whilst encouraging discovery throughout both living and private spaces. In the master bedroom and bathroom, this is achieved through a series of discreet peepholes for gazing out. In rooms below, a subterranean rock face is immersed in natural light from above.

Inviting heightened sensory experiences; this beautiful home is designed with utmost respect for its landscape to enrich the daily lives of its occupants. Seachange, anyone?


ARCHITECTS | Renato D'Ettorre Architects

PHOTOGRAPHY | Justin Alexander

WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE



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