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When the seasons take a turn, it’s often my skin that suffers the most.

Breakouts, newly visible sun damage and an overall lacklustre complexion has me running for a fantastically complexion-freshening facial every Autumn. Last week, I visited Ella Bachés flagship boutique salon for just that, and was thrilled with the immediate glow and rejuvenation I saw after the super relaxing and indulgent treatment. My love of both fancy French natural products and high-tech, high performance technology was perfectly blended when I booked in for the New Generation Light Therapy LED Facial Treatment.

Starting with a traditional facial tailored to each individual skin type and concern, mine began with a skin assessment followed by a divine neck, chest and arm massage and gentle double cleanse to completely purify skin. Moving on to the LED therapy next, this new generation of treatments used 2000 powerful LED lights with two different wavelengths to address a myriad of skin concerns. Blue light imparts a crystal-clear complexion thanks to its bacteria-regulating abilities while it reduces redness, while red light repairs damage, improves texture and tone by stimulating collagen naturally.

Afterwards, the facial continued with a series of serums and moisturizers that left my skin plump, super soft and more even than it’s been in months. Wanting to maintain my amazing new complexion for weeks to come, I found a few glow-inducing at-home gadgets that really did the trick — see my top three tried and true below.

Ready to go, at Ella Bache


Another treatment that blends ancient practices with modern technology, I’ve been loving the results from the Mukti Micro Derma Roller. Inspired by ancient acupuncture techniques, this titanium alloy designed micro needle dermal roller feels pleasant to use when rolled over the face. Creating micro-channels on the skin’s surface, products applied post-treatment penetrate up to 40% better, allowing active ingredients to work their magic that much better. Collagen production is also naturally improved, and the device rejuvenates the complexion while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and uneven tone thanks to its ability to promote healing from within.


For an at-home LED treatment, I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask religiously, and have been more than impressively pleased with its ability to maintain my facial’s results. Also using professional technology, this mask utilizes both red and blue LED lights, too, which help my skin’s tone, texture, taught-ness continue to improve while keeping pesky blemishes at bay. Treatment time is just ten minutes, and its super easy to wear: it has attached glasses arms, so after sliding the mask on, you can go about your activities (or just chill out) while the lights do their thing as the mask has a convenient cut-out for vision. With daily use, I’ve witnessed my complexion continuing to improve and love that there’s an easy-button activator that turns it on, and it automatically shuts off after treatment time is completed.


When I’m reaching for a more traditional mask, I no longer can go without using EcoTools’ New Facial Mask Mates. Creating a spa experience with any at-home mask, this kit includes a soft mask applicator brush and three mask remover sponges. The brushes soft, flat bristles help any gel, cream or even clay mask glide over skin and ensure a flawlessly even, full coverage and mess-free application, while the remover sponges gently exfoliate skin while ensuring every nook and cranny of the face is left clean, soft and radiant. Bonus: you can even use the mask remover sponges daily when washing up for deeper cleanse.




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