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Spring has sprung and with it for some, the blooming desire to start renovating your home.

If that's the case for you and your abode, then you're in luck as the new 2018/2019 trend forecasts for kitchen and bathroom decor have landed with Caesarstone.

A recent Caesarstone quartz surface workshop with world renowned, long term trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, produced shape shifting insights into colour and texture moving forward into the new year.

The beautiful deeper, bolder, and darker colour palettes that are emerging in bathrooms and kitchens are a result of a significant culture shift. These dramatic colours are increasingly found in kitchens and bathrooms, which Edelkoort explains:

...Interior design is no longer a culture that tries to imitate nature, but rather take inspiration from it.

Carbon fire are materials that come naturally from fire and dust, and this is where kitchens are taking their inspiration from. Ms Edelkoort explains that,

"It's a new way of looking at beauty."

Bathrooms will take inspiration from the dark and dramatic colours, creating a sophisticated, hedonistic ambience.

“Many bathrooms will include black, sometimes in combination with brass, to create a sense of luxury,”

The deepest black, bold charcoal or midnight grey will be featured on bench tops, splash backs, walls, and floors with the dramatic stone and quartz surfaces, creating a dramatic backdrop for your kitchen or bathroom. Some of these will be solid colour, while others can be sweeping, bold patterns and veining, or smaller, homogenous chips that allows you to personalise your room, and create a daring and bold statement in your home.

Caesarstone's quartz surfaces were perfect for Edekoort to demonstrate the look, as she used Piatra Grey, Night Sky and Vanilla Noice. To further compliment these surfaces, Edelkoort used the metal element brass, which increased the sense of luxury and indulgence.

These beautiful, unique and daring surfaces are just a few of the brands finishes that match the colour palette of blacks, deep greys and charcoal. There are many possibilities in terms of choice, including kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, bath surrounds and furniture.

On top of the aesthetically beautiful quality of the products, Caesarstone quartz also have inherent qualities of strength, longevity and durability, which are made to endure the hardest working spaces in a residential interior, being the kitchen and bathroom. Caesarstone quartz products last and retain their beautiful looks and maintain their structure for many lifetimes, which makes choosing to engage with Caesarstone on your next project, a no brainer.

Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces are available nationally.

Visit for more details.


Photography by Caesarstone

Designory Barefoot Bay Cottage Kitchen image by Jessie Prince

Curated by Taylor Musa, TLSE.



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