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I think we can all agree that now is a better time than ever to focus on personal projects. Despite the emotional rollercoaster we've all been subjected to recently, we are always looking at the glass half full - that's why we're thankful for all the time at home that has allowed us to channel our inner design guru!

If you're looking to tackle some home renovations - or even just trying to mix it up a little - before things get back up and running, now is a great time to start. And with a big rise in smart home technologies, the modern home has never felt so connected.

Nanoleaf have become leaders in the lighting space in the last few years, bringing a personalised lighting experience right to your very own living room. With a new variety of light panels and possibilities at your fingertips, Nanoleaf takes redecorating your home to a whole new level! With innovative smart home solutions, Nanoleaf is a technology and IoT company changing the world by infusing thoughtful design and technological intelligence into their products. Centred around personalisation, Nanoleaf is committed to taking ordinary experiences and making them extraordinary - allowing you to embrace the highest potential of your most loved space.

Founded in 2012 by three engineers, Nanoleaf is a breath of fresh air in the lighting industry. Through their global presence, Nanoleaf is made up of a diverse team of passionate, out-of-the-box thinking problem solvers striving to transform and reshape the way we experience our world. The team make staying home that much easier with their new Nanoleaf Rhythm and Nanoleaf Canvas lighting displays - a super cool way to bring your home well into the twenty first century.

“Visuals play an incredible part in how we experience everyday life, but our senses extend so much further than that." - Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf Rhythm

Looking for a personalised sensory adventure - or even just something to give your space a much needed refresher? The Rhythm is a small sound module that plugs into any Light Panel, with a built-in audio sensor that automatically picks up on beats, sounds, and melodies, translating the sounds into melodic light shows. With full customisation available through the app, you can combine your very own immersive experience of vision and sound at the touch of a button. SO. COOL.

Released last year the Rhythm is an add-on sound module that transforms the original Nanoleaf Light Panels into a real-time music visualiser. Bring your WFH playlist to life right before your eyes! Featuring as many colours as there are people in New York City, the Rhythm will take you on a personalised sensory adventure made just for you. Inspired by the innate need for individual self-expression, the Rhythm is made up of triangualr LED panels (both RGBW colour-changing and tunable white) and is revolutionising the way we perceive music.

Nanoleaf Canvas

As the first-ever touch controlled modular smart light, the Canvas is the perfect way to reinvent your space. With interactive touch technology engineered to react to your unique gestures, the Canvas is a light that can change, shift and grow with you. A piece of functional art with a multi-faceted texture effect, the Canvas resembles a modern twist on the classic marble tile - with crystal-like optics that emulate a reinvented traditional touch.

Combining smart controls with a classic edge-lit aesthetic, the Canvas will bring a whole new dimension to any space. With touch to turn on, off, adjust brightness, switch animations and activate the music visualiser, Nanoleaf brings some of the most advanced light display technology right to your living room.

Look forward to spending time at home by bringing an entirely new element to your space!

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WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Nanoleaf



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