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It is not often that one gets invited into the studio of such great artists. But I did and this is what happened.

Diana Watson invited me to visit her in her studio in Sydney's Harbour Foreshore and it was magic.

To witness the inspiration that surrounds the artist was such a gift. Complete paintings line the hallway of this meandering space and for a moment I feel I could be in Paris. I don't feel like I am in Sydney anymore, apart from the harbour view out the window I'd lost my bearings and for a brief moment in time was lost.

A bowl of oranges placed purposefully on a rustic wooden table only adds to my confusion, obviously set to inspire, it works for me and I am inspired. I am surrounded by what looks like chaos, perhaps a snapshot into the workings of an artists mind, but on closer inspection I see organisation amongst it. The stacked canvases awaiting the artists brush, an incomplete canvas awaiting the finishing touches and the array of paints scattered and picturesque in their messiness. I don't know where to look I am in complete overload and I love it.

On chatting to Diana, I hear her inspiring story. Out of studying, straight into marriage, becoming a mother to 3 lovely girls putting her career on hold. It is when the girls leave home that Diana throws herself into her art and is consumed with every waking moment.

Diana on talking about what inspired her says "Everything, it is a complete way of life, never far from my thoughts. Seeing beauty all around me, colours, shapes, shadows, nature and the challenge of putting it on canvas" and it is evident in her works and her happy clientele. I was lucky enough to be privy on the day I was visiting to read an email that just came through from a client who had just received her painting in America and was in awe of its beauty. I guess that makes the journey even sweeter.

She is well known for painting these stunning roses, and various versions of them for clients worldwide. They are definitely a favourite of mine and they have been recently picked up for use in an upcoming movie called Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren and Edward Norton. Upon further study of her works it is clear that Diana brings a sense of warmth, nostalgia and depth to her works. And for me, that was a lovely change from the mass produced forms we are exposed to these days.

One thing I have absolutely fallen in love with and that is achievable for me to get my hot little hands on is her work in Wallpaper form and you can see by this image the impact and transformation this can create. It brings a lovely modern touch to her work.

Avignon 1 © Diana Watson - Back to the Wall 

Moving on and Diana is working towards her next exhibition inspired by her love of fabric and textiles. " I love the fact that fabric is a constant in our lives, from swaddling to shroud and every thing celebratory and mundane in between". I think she is onto something there but I will let her work speak for itself.

Here is a sneak peak to that collection and stay tuned for the dates of her upcoming exhibition.

  Lapis Lazuli 122x122

So I will leave you with the words of Pablo Picasso who Diana is a great fan of.

'The purpose of art is to wash the dust of every day life from our souls'

and so it is.

Diana Watson’s work is held in numerous private collections throughout Australia as well as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, U.S.A., Germany, Italy and The Palm, Dubai. You can see her full works on her website .



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