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Been totally obsessed with The Block this year? To say this renovation show has been the perfect way to live out our dreams of renovating is an understatement - especially after all of the time we spent indoors earlier this year. So, if you're like us and have mapped out every possible renovation within your home while watching, we're here to save you hours of trawling the internet in search of the products featured in these awesome homes.

We're talking laundries - one of the most underrated rooms of the house. If you've used a bad machine before, you'd know all too well the struggle of doing your washing when the appliances aren't up to scratch. Let's face it, doing your washing is not exactly the most enjoyable task at the best of times, but after watching the styling, layout and product selections from the episode, we've been totally inspired.

All of the houses featured Bosch washing machines and dryers, with each home selecting slightly different models that have a range of intuitive features, like i-DOS automatic dosing system and VarioPerfect, - so you can set programs to be quicker or more efficient, turning this chore into a breeze.

House 1 – Harry & Tash If you love the clean, contemporary look - this is the laundry for you. Against a material palette designed to match the rest of the house, Harry and Tash opted for a Bosch Series 6 washing machine and a Bosch Series 4 heat pump dryer. These both have good energy ratings with excellent performance, and are stackable - perfect for laundries on the smaller side. If you're doing A LOT of washing, the Bosch Series 6 washing machine is calling your name. With a huge 10kg capacity, this washer is perfect for large families and features ActiveWater™ Plus technology - where the efficient water management system which can wash a single kilogram as efficiently as a full load (so you don't have to worry about timing your cycles). Even better - the EcoSilence Drive™ motor means it's energy efficient and super quiet, so you can trust your clothes are getting a gentle clean without needing to hear it happening. The Series 4 heat pump dryer that Harry and Tash paired the washer with uses conventional heating, so it's perfect for clothes of all different shapes, sizes and materials and means they can be dried together. Bosch heat pump dryers are designed to work without conventional heating. Using ActiveAir technology, the existing heat is reused efficiently during the entire drying process, making them amongst the most economical dryers in Australia. The Series 4 heat pump dryer used in Harry & Tash’s laundry features a Sensitive Drying System, where laundry is dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and is gently mixed by the curving Soft carriers, instead of lying flat on the drum structure.

House 2 – Sarah & George, House 4 - Luke and Jasmin + House 3 – Daniel & Jade

If you're looking to cut your running costs down, the Bosch Series 8 washing machine and a Bosch Series 8 heat pump tumble dryer might be what you're after. With a large 9kg capacity and EcoSilence Drive™, you can enjoy some peace and quiet and reduce running time by up to 65% or energy by 50% depending on your what suits you. With an 8 star energy rating, the Series 8 heat pump dryer uses ActiveAir technology, making it able to dry without using conventional heating - so you can program to a range of materials without having to worry about your energy bill.

House 5 – Jimmy & Tam Opting for the Bosch HomeProfessional laundry appliances, Jimmy & Tam's 9kg dryer was paired with a stacking kit to save additional space. The HomeProfessional range is energy efficient in every way, with intuitive features that offer everything you could want from a laundry appliance - so it's perfect for those in need of an all-rounder washer and dryer combo.  The Bosch HomeProfessional is an intelligent washing machine that automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent for perfect result, with i-DOS automatic dosing system adds the optimum amount of liquid detergent for every load. Even better - if you are prone to spilling anything and everything on yourself, the AntiStain System is your saviour. From all things chocolate and grass to red wine, this smart washer automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement & soak time to relevant stains before the chosen program starts. The Bosch HomeProfessional heat pump dryer in Jimmy & Tam’s laundry features premium ‘Green Technology’ and is known for its energy efficiency and quiet operation, with an 8 star energy rating. The Fast Dryer technology dries clothes up to 8 minutes per kilogram faster than other Bosch heat pump dryers in the range, so this one is perfect for anyone constantly on the go. This Bosch dryer also features a ‘Wool in basket’ function for drying woollen fabric or shoes without the tumble action, while the sensor-controlled AutoDry technology monitors temperature and residual moisture throughout the drying process, to ensure your garments are dried precisely to the desired setting without over or under heating, meaning they are treated with maximum care.

So, whether you're a first time buyer or just over due for a washer-dryer upgrade, Bosch might just be what you've been looking for!


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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