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After watching the daily ritual of the girls in the TLSE office, we couldn’t help but notice that the water bottle, jug and keep cup have become a must have item.

Not only practical, these office staples have become expressive design pieces. Gone are the days of the throwaway plastic bottle and coffee stained mug. With everyone in the team having their own personal style, we went on the hunt and found something special for everyone. Here at TLSE, we all firmly believe that your desk space is a reflection of your headspace - so best make sure it’s personal and pretty!

The water jug has made a bit of a comeback in our studio kitchen. As they say, hydration is key, and from classic designs to something a bit quirky and colourful, these vessels are sure to earn a prized spot on your desk.

If jug to glass isn’t really your thing, why not express your signature style with a reusable water bottle? Don’t settle for the squashed plastic PUMP you found on the floor of your car - we’ve done the hard work for you and handpicked designs that are equally as stylish as they are functional.

We can’t promise waking up will be a breeze, but a super cute coffee cup makes it just that little bit easier to shake off those morning blues. From long black addicts to oat milk chai lovers, with these designs choosing what you’ll sip your brew through no longer has to be boring or bland.


Make your workspace a little more about you - push the boundaries with these eclectic, enviro-friendly, bold designs that make a statement.

Words | Lucy Francis, TLSE

Images | Styling: Savanna Cohen, TLSE. Photography: Rebecca Hannaford.


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