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Pills. Powders. Creams. Injectables. We're sure you've heard it all.

It really is a constant war we wage, mostly in the mornings, as part of our routines putting on the right moisturiser or serum, measuring and mixing your collagen (if you remember during your rush), or booking that appointment to smooth out those fine lines. Don't get us wrong - skincare is a part of your overall health, and should be taken seriously - but that shouldn't necessarily translate to spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on cosmetic products and procedures (not to mention the admin thats comes with the upkeep of habits like these).

If you're like us here at TLSE and TOTALLY over all these beauty fads promising youthful glows and the ability to defy the natural effects of ageing (all for an exceedingly expensive price), we might have found just the thing for you.

Collagen - the most abundant structural protein in the human body, and one of the major building blocks for your bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. When you combine ageing and the harsh Australian sun, it's no surprise that the hunt for the next best thing to get that younger, healthier looking skin is never-ending. In this quest, we've managed to find a New Zealand company committed to finding an easy and affordable solution,

No Ugly Skin's wellness tonics have recently been introduced in Australia, and are the first ready-to-drink collagen supplement containing 10g of sustainably sourced premium French marine collagen per 250ml. On top of that, it contains 22.5mg of Vitamin C - something that helps your body to naturally produce its own collagen. This super-potent formula helps with skin, hair and nails, as well as muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments - so you can feel good on the inside and out.

"It is a really exciting time for health and wellness innovation at the moment, particularly within the Food & Beverage categories. This product is so powerful as it pulls together highly functional and active ingredients such as marine collagen, Vitamin C and Enzogenol, in one convenient portion. The complexity and science behind this formulation has been almost two years in the making, but we are really proud of the outcome, and it shows that health and functionality can still taste great." adds Food Scientist Sarah Walter.

Even better - No Ugly Skin is made from materials that are 100% recyclable, so you can do something good for the environment while doing something good for your body. With sustainably sourced collagen, this is definitely at the top of our wish lists here at TLSE (I mean, how could it not be?).

So, where can you find it? You can snag some directly from the site itself, or check it out in person via one of these vendors: Costi’s in Woollahra, Harbord Growers Markets in Balgowlah, Bondi’s Health Emporium, Forestway Fresh in Terry Hills, Fruitologist in Rozelle, Manly Health Foods, Organic Avenues in Bilgola Plateau or Wholefoods House in Rosebery & Woollahra. You can also find it at Balgowlah Heights Deli, Barenaked Bowls and Chill Bar in Dee Why, select City Cave Float and Wellness Centres and at The Hold in Manly.

Following its launch on March 12, we're sure this will become a staple in our skincare regiment.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | No Ugly Skin



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