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Hailing from our very own backyard in Melbourne, Grown Alchemist is a new evolution in skincare, creating organic skin, body, and haircare products with a holistic scientific approach. Using scientifically-innovative formulas and botanical ingredients, they are a beauty company for a future we want to see.

Brothers Keston and Jeremy are the master minds behind the brand. As young graduates, they collaborated on a project to combine their passion for design and product development. Through its success, they opened an international consultancy, developing products for some of the largest global brands. While conducting testing for one of their clients, the two brothers discovered ground-breaking research that proved the continuous use of natural active ingredients directly improved skin cell health, optimising skin function and consequently reversing the signs of ageing. They soon went on to launch Grown Alchemist, a seamless combination of beautiful product design and thoughtful skin care.

We're lucky enough to have been one of the first to be in the know about Grown Alchemist's brand new limited edition Power Couple Kit, and now you are one of the lucky ones too. The kit includes the Detox Serum and Instant Smoothing Serum. The duo are part of an effective skincare routine to detoxify the skin and provide deep hydration for firmer, radiant and smoother skin. If you've been looking to switch up your routine and indulge in clean effective skin care, this is your sign. The Power Couple Kit is also the perfect Valentine's day gift to share with someone special!

Beat the elements with this humble, oil-free lightweight serum. When applied to the face, it instantly absorbs into the skin for an effective detox, leaving skin looking luminous while restoring texture. The result is healthy, smooth and radiant looking skin.

Soothe dull ageing skin, with this powerful daily beauty elixir. super booster serum. Formulated using a complex-combination of plant-derived high, medium and low weight Hyaluronan molecules, this innovative anti-aging serum delivers an instant lifting effect through intense hydration, rapidly smoothing the skin’s surface.

So, mark your calendars and get ready - The Power Couple Kit will be available to purchase from February.

Pop in to your local David Jones retailer or shop online here.


WORDS | Sheena Quick

IMAGERY | Grown Alchemist



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